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  1. This article has been moved to the next link: http://www.modaco.com/forums/topic/380274-tool-adb-and-fastboot-interface-by-maxim123-v11103012018/
  2. ADB and Fastboot Interface by Maxim123: This program makes it easier to use adb and fastboot commands and works on Windows machine Requirements: .NET Framework 2 SP2 Windows XP or later Windows version 1.1 GB of free space Installation: Download this tool from download section and simply run installer and follow on-screen instructions Usage: Run Tool.exe and follow on-screen instructions Example: If you want to flash .apk, .img or .zip file via this tool, only you need is to place file in root of program folder and only remmember name of .zip or .img file When you placed this file in root of program folder, open Tool.exe Then Enter: fastboot flash boot "Name".img ---> If you want to install custom kernels and "Name" is file name adb install "Name".apk ---> If you want to install app via adb (Useful when launcher crashes) adb sideload "Name".zip ---> If you want to install .zip file from custom recovery Help: If you do not know some ADB or Fastboot command simply enter "gui" and go to “Help” and find your question in a topic list, or simply send a message to developer team Extras: I am intergrated DC Unlocker Client 2 into this tool, if you want to use this tool in command bar enter "ForceUnlock" and wait a minute and DC Unlocker will be opened I am also integrated Huawei Update Extractor Tool and if you want to use tis tool simply enter "UnpackHuaweiFirmware" and wait a minute and program will be opened I am integrated some most used Root Methods with KingRoot, KingoRoot, Framaroot and TowelRoot (simply into command bar enter the name of root application) Also you can use Graphical Interface for this program i you are not an advanced developer and execute most used functions such as Root and Installing Most Used Apps I am also developerd a tool called "Flasher", that simplifies flashing procces via fastboot I am integrated some flashing tools such as SP Flashtool, QPST, ODIN and Sony FlashTool I am integrated Android Kitchen into program (Not accessible from GUI Interface) And many more tools Drivers: If you do not have installed ADB or Fastboot Drivers, you can simply install them. Open Tool.exe and in command enter "GetDrivers" and follow on-screen instructions NOTE: If you want to use any of offered Flash Tools (excluding Flasher from Maxim123), you must first install proper drivers for your device Credits goes to: All developers for integrated apps into this tool Google Me (Maxim123) Changelog: v1.1.1: · Added KingRoot application for rooting Android Devices (named kingroot.apk) · Added Rashr Flasher Tool (named rashr.apk) · Added Facebook (named facebook.apk) · Added Messenger (named messenger.apk) · Added Facebook Lite (named facebook_lite.apk) · Added Messenger Lite (named messenger_lite.apk) · Added Viber (named viber.apk) · Added Viber for older devices with 512MB or 1 GB of RAM (named viber_lite.apk) · Added Skype (named skype.apk) · Added Skype Lite (named skype_lite.apk) · Added Opera (named opera.apk) · Added Opera Mini (named opera_mini.apk) · Added WhatsApp (named whatsapp.apk) · Added OGYoutube (named og_yt.apk) · Added MicroG for OGYoutube (named og_micro_g.apk) · Added Google Translate 2.6 (named google_apps_translate.apk) · Added Google Maps 4.4.0 (named google_apps_maps.apk) · Added Google Street View (named google_apps_maps_street_view.apk) · Added Photomath (named photomath.apk) · Added ROM Manager (named rom_mgmt.apk) · Added TWRP App (named twrp.apk) · Added Titanium Backup Pro (named titanium_backup.apk) · Added Symbolab (named symbolab.apk) · Added KingoRoot (named kingoroot.apk) · Added TowelRoot (named towelroot.apk) · Added Framaroot (named framaroot.apk) · Added ES File Explorer (named es_file_manager.apk) · Added School Planer (named school_mgmt.apk) · Added Here Maps (named maps_here.apk) · Added UC Browser (named uc_browser.apk) · Added Lucky Patcher (named lucky_patcher.apk) · Added CPU-Z (named cpu_z.apk) · Added WPS Office (named wps_office.apk) · Added Terminal Emulator (named terminal.apk) · Added Instagram (named instagram.apk) · Added Root Explorer (named root_explorer.apk) · Added Busy Box (named busy_box.apk) · Added Xposed Framework (named xposed.apk) · Removed ADB Browser because it isn't working fast such as firefox and other popular browsers · Created script for automatic installing most popular apps via ADB in one click (HyperShell v2) · Created Script for flashing firmware on supported devices · Added Sony FlashTool by AndroxyOne installer into program · Added SP Flash Tool installer into program · Added QPST Tool installer into program · Added ODIN Tool installer into program · Added Bootanimation Creator and Previewer into program · Added Android Kitchen into program · Added function to send suggestion for my program · Created a Graphical Program in Visual Basic for this tool v1.1: · Integrated Huawei Update Extractor Tool program · Fixed little bugs v1.0: · Initial release Download: - v1.1 1 Installation (MEGA) – https://mega.nz/#!4g5l2TQY!lD9_DXW5YO1mADYnH65aHHOyWfgPk4tLQtZHSoStvHQ - v1.1 Installation (MEGA) - https://mega.nz/#!J9BCgJ6J!P8ptkfBfIGNVWJkEuRxajcXm9_0yi043emTjyJREvzY - v1.1 Portable (MEGA) - https://mega.nz/#!xlRnkAwb!nSobsPtYdjEyTM5Dz0u_immWUlSUtRF5GhUy3X65igU - v1.0 Installation (MEGA) - https://mega.nz/#!49wWGSLY!56KYJkctCRb7NBELEdSrqGmSkcuhuQt5ymvihybhi7E - v1.0 Portable (MEGA) - https://mega.nz/#!dxYiSQTL!yUsFvSNXrUkEo4fTKYLqe-Z17ZxzVekXvVLGsFCdFCY - Root ToolKit (ADD-ON) (v1.1) (MEGA) - https://mega.nz/#!RtQWCT7a!AIRgxH9-dBIBHK0OpNY67iHczVrkarY0cl3dfbJ6KsQ Support: Mail: [email protected] Currently tested on: Huawei Ascend G510, Y300, G630 and G330, Sony Xperia E and HTC Wildfire S and on many more Android devices If you have any suggestions or problems, please write below Screenshots:
  3. To enable second SIM Slot, try this (Worked for me on my old Sony Xperia E Dual SIM, maybe works with G510) Only you need is in build.prop add this line in Telephony section: "ro.persist.multisim=dsds" (without quotes) Also, you can try this: https://forum.xda-developers.com/moto-x-play/help/enabling-dual-sim-single-sim-devices-t3225546 I hope to helped with this answer
  4. Hi, I am want to make some data apps as system apps, and how to do it on Marshmallow, I know how to do on Android 4.X.X versions Many thanks to answers
  5. Why partition for sdcard0 named = "3257-984D" and for sdcard1 named = "91B7-C9FA" in Marshmallow ROMs and it is possible to change names of these partitions??? And how to create swap file for having more RAM on this device
  6. Here's the stock rom for your model, but i'm not sure if it will work mega:#!dslSTIgI!HvewsDsVI2CKLo_wo8Rn6AIodTNJUdqx230_H9D%20OfhA
  7. Y300 recovery builds works well on g510 without any modifications
  8. Unfortunately, I do not have the equipment for changing the components on the motherboard of the phone, so I failed to repair it
  9. I had same same problem with Huawei G630-U20 and only solution is replace eMMC chip on motherboard, change imei and reflash stock rom
  10. This article has been moved to the next link: http://www.modaco.com/forums/topic/380274-tool-adb-and-fastboot-interface-by-maxim123-v11103012018/
  11. How to unlock bootloader on Huawei Ascend G510/Y300: http://huawei-g510.weebly.com/bootloader-unlock.html And you can unlock bootloader from Windows XP
  12. You can easily port this recovery to your device (use latest stable TWRP Recovery as Base): https://forum.xda-developers.com/android/software-hacking/guide-how-to-port-twrp-to-qualcomm-t3420013
  13. It is possible to port RR 5.8 on G510/Y300/G300 devices from RR 5.7.1???
  14. Try reflashing your baseband, it is simply (only for European phone models): 1) Download this file: http://huawei-g510.weebly.com/uploads/4/5/7/6/45760017/europe_baseband.rar 2) Extract .rar file and send .zip file to device storage 3) Go to recovery and flash recently downloaded zip file 4) That is it NOTE: FIrst Reflash this ROM with full wipe and then flash this file I hope I helped you
  15. @adeii Maybe this help for creating Android N kernel, but this is MSM8827 chipset :( https://forum.xda-developers.com/nokia-lumia-520/development/nokia-lumia-520-booted-android-nougat-7-t3512011