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  1. Just curiosity... we all know bacon, shamu, seed..... what's this device's?
  2. nhmanas

    Software update

    I just got home and updated. I don't know update size. Does anyone know?
  3. nhmanas

    Software update

    Then update it I'm curious about it :D
  4. nhmanas

    Software update

    Waiting for the info. Which country's rom is your phone using?
  5. I know this is a late answer but thank you. I handled the situation.
  6. thank you for your reply. which recovery and rom should I use to flash Turkish stock rom? edit: or which rom can I use with this recovery?
  7. I have tried to flash stock Turkey Rom via stock recovery. I was using cm12.1 before But there's an error saying; This package is for "msm8916_32" device; this is a "P839V55" E: Abnormal exit, path: /sideload/packagezip.zip, status: 7
  8. Can you make a zip file that I can flash on stock recovery? It really matters to me. Thanks already.
  9. nhmanas


    Really? I will try it. My battery drops 100% to 93% immediately :D
  10. nhmanas


    Battery calibration died since android 4.0 Battery recalibrates it self every time it is 100%
  11. Wipe everything, flash twrp and flash a ROM in twrp this is the fastest way Then you will think about update
  12. nhmanas

    Smart Ultra 7 Concept

    Looks like HTC
  13. I don't even have Google assistan in my country. What can I do with all of this? Expecting n is expecting multi window for me I guess
  14. nhmanas

    Vodafone SMart Ultra 6 Port to CM13 ?

    Yea, because nobody ported it...