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  1. I had posted two files in the downloads section a while back. They should be the same info you are looking for plus more. I no longer have my '5600 and visit the forums every week or so lurking for new phones/info ... so please no more emails about this....I still get 2-3 emails a week asking for them.... links: http://www.modaco.com/index.php?act=dscrip...etails&f_id=677 http://www.modaco.com/index.php?act=dscrip...etails&f_id=676 Hope this helps :) |d|
  2. smt5600 att to cingular

    do a google for "pirate+bay+torrent" then look there....also have a ROM for WM5 and the SMT-5600 8)
  3. I have posed the how to's in the download section...also there is another thread here (search my nick) on this
  4. Torque screwdriver

    Thank you! Is a pet peeve of mone when people do that. I understand newbness...but...
  5. Talking Point: What other sites do you frequent?

    www.neowin.net www.engadget.com www.gizmodo.com www.hackaday.com www.slashphone.com www.howardforums.com www.se-nse.com www.deviantart.com and Beasties Portal :twisted:

    I second that!
  7. Means your phone is not "software" unlocked yet I believe. Look deeper in the forums and the stickies on how to "software" unlock your phone so you can install unsigned apps.
  8. c500 3.5mm jack converter?

    Look on eBay .... or go to your local electronics (pieces parts like Radio Shack) store
  9. where to get 5600 casing

    I would try getting a "dummy" display phone off eBay and try that.
  10. Just got my SMT5600 - couple questions...

    Check out my post here for the Cingular related info: http://www.modaco.com/SMT_5600_on_Cingular...To-t206009.html It has all the data to "convert" your AT&T 5600 to Cingular
  11. SMT-5600 on Cingular Network How-To

    Go for the unlimited data plan too...only $20 extra a month but definately worth it
  12. SMT-5600 on Cingular Network How-To

    Bumping because I am STILL getting a few emails a day trickling in about this... :shock:
  13. File Name :: SMT-5600 to Cingular Conversion Author :: mobile-distortion Category :: Other Description :: This is a HOW-TO conversion for the SMT 5600 on the Cingular Network. It includes the HOW-TO, rebranding .gif's and some handy files. I did not create this....found it in the forums somewhere. Updated Tue, May 3 2005 1:28 pm View File
  14. File Name :: Cingular GPRS Settings Author :: mobile-distortion Category :: Other Description :: These are the GPRS and WAP settings that I have found to work with my SMT5600 on Cingular's network. I compiled this from varios postings in forums. I cannot take credit for them ;) Updated Tue, May 3 2005 1:30 pm View File
  15. Well all....as my last post in this forum (for now until a slicker smartphone comes out) due to getting a SE P910 (OMG...big, but awesome). I posted some settings a week or so back to help someone out trying to get their SMT-5600 to work on Cingular's network. Since then I have gotten at least two emails a day from prople wanting those settings. I tried emailing them to the requestors...but kept getting bounced emails. So...tried uploading here...dunno...seems to take a while. Got impatient and uploaded them to a free online host. Bandwidth may be a problem. :idea: Maybee someone else can host and post here. :idea: Hopefully this works...if not...I will lurk here every now and then...send me a PM. Anyways, here they are: .pdf with the SMT-5600 and Cingular Mediaworks settings SMT-5600 to Cingular Rebranding Conversion files Best of luck to all... Peace OUT :exclaim: |m-d|