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  1. ipaq 2003 upgrade

    would it work on my mitac mio?
  2. A Little Water...

    just had the same thing it kept going into bootloader there is condension on the inside of the screen the keyboard dont work either any ideas?
  3. Mitac mio 338

    seen the mitac mio at dixons yesterday for 180 notes had to get it but im new to the pocket pc is it any good?
  4. does modaco have a pocket pc forum?

    i thought i seen the other day that paul had start up a pocket pc forum of so whats the address?
  5. white line on the spvE200

    But orange will say that unless it afects you using the phone (you cant see what you doing) then they will not replace it, I have the same sort of thing on my e100
  6. Windows Meadia Player

    Thanks mate it worked a treat!
  7. I have a e100 i have done the update and the phone has been fine up untill now every time i launch windows media player it does'nt load it flips back to the menu. I have tried turning it off and back on and removing the batterey for 10 secs but still no result can any one help?
  8. well its here but was it worth the wait?
  9. WTF happened to 150?

    ive just had the same thing it said that some people may have problems making or receiving calls
  10. i had the same problem what i did was changed the profile and it seems to be ok now
  11. Mitac Mio 338 New

    Check this out http://www.totalpda.co.uk/productView.asp?...=4121&section=1 4121_big.jpg
  12. Aint got bluetooth on your pc try this? http://www.bigpockets.co.uk/product.php?pr...c6bb66c7eb7e9de
  13. Windows Mobile 2003 on e100?

    dam! wish i waited now for the e200 :lol: :roll:
  14. Windows Mobile 2003 on e100?

    isn't going to be ? free or not going to able to upgrade to Windows Mobile 2003
  15. Are we going to be able to download and install Windows Mobile 2003 on the e100? if so is it going to be free or do we have to pay for it?