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  1. Smart Ultra 6 - ROM 6.0.1. with ROOT

    If you don't already have root and custom recovery there are some threads on here that should help you with getting that.
  2. Smart Ultra 6 - ROM 6.0.1. with ROOT

    I'm on CM12.1. I flashed this ROM and it got stuck on the Powered by Vodafone screen. Do I have to do something else to be able to flash Marshmallow? UPDATE : It works. Though the best way to do it is like this. Do a nandroid backup. Flash the ROM, then reboot. Go through the setup. Reboot into the recovery. Flash the SU zip. Done. I found that when I did them both at the same time, the phone never really went past the boot screen. Now to find a way to hide the awful Carrier ID.
  3. Happens rarely, though when I was on a plane ride it was happening very frequently. I don't know what causes it, but after having the phone for a year and a half, I don't think it's anything severe.
  4. [updated] Smart Ultra & Pro *7* are on the horizon

    What I don't understand is what the use of Ultra 7 is? It's got 4 slightly faster cores with 0.4 more Ghz, and a more battery draining chipset and gpu. The only upgrade is basically 6.0.
  5. Something weird I'm noticing is that System UI uses up most of the battery (apart from YouTube), where before it was the Screen. Another thing is that the audio is much lower. When I enable the volume leveller it improves a bit but then the volume doesn't adjust, it goes from 0 to max
  6. [updated] Smart Ultra & Pro *7* are on the horizon

    Considering the Smart Ultra 6 is a budget phone, I doubt they're going to give up on us. I sure hope not.
  7. By the way, the only issue I have from what you said is that when the phone reboots it "prepares Android". I'll try uninstalling TB though. Hoping it works.
  8. Works perfectly! Everything is very fluid and the battery life actually improved to 5 hours SOT. The only problem I'm facing is the LED not lighting up when charging and haptic feedback not being powerful enough. The rest is perfect. Thanks man.
  9. Thanks man. I'll have a nandroid ready just in case.
  10. I currently have the f1ux rom, which is identical to vanilla apart from lack of bloat and a few more things.
  11. Just asking because I have a lot of apps and the sort on my phone. Do I have to format? What will happen if I don't?
  12. Extreme Miscellaneous Battery Drain

    I am running a rooted android with Xposed and the f1ux rom. I also have Viper4Android which might be it, but I cannot uninstall it in any case. I would, but I already installed BetterBatteryStats which goes into detail about everything including wakelocks and stuff. I'll install it and try it out just in case.
  13. I've found a gigantic Miscellaneous drain when I checked my battery stats for some reason. I tried to check, but there aren't any wakelocks which I can't find so I have no idea what it could be.
  14. Phone won't turn back on.

    Okay wait, incase anyone stumbles upon this in the future expecting help, I just solved it. Depending on how long you kept it, charge it. An entire night will always work, but for me an hour did the job. The difference is that after this period of time, your phone won't turn on automatically, nor will it show a charging prompt. A simple holding for 5 seconds won't work either. You have to hold the power button for 20 seconds and then it'll reboot. I learnt something today. If the Charging LED works, then you can fix it.
  15. Yesterday, the battery in my phone drained to 0%. This happened multiple times in the past so I let it sit for an hour before going to charge it again. Now, however, it won't turn on the screen. The circle home button in the bottom turns on, but nothing else works. I've held the power button for over 30 seconds and nothing. My phone has been charging for 20 minutes now, and still nothing. I'm afraid that the battery failed, or the phone just bricked. If it DID get bricked or something, how can I still use my warranty (unless it's tarnished forever and I'm badword)? Do I play dumb? Thanks for any help.

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