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  1. Yes I do, they are at
  2. Did you do a clean flash or flash over top of previous build?
  3. New update uploaded Improved audio volume, All sensors now working - thanks to @wbrambley, Lineage has updated to 6.0.1_r80.
  4. Yeah using the stock sensors wasn't working so we are compiling our own now & thanks to @wbrambley we now have all the sensors working. I will be doing a new build tonight after work to upload.
  5. Okay here is an update build, playstore should now work properly & improvements to sensors (but propbably still require more work).
  6. Yes the play store issue has been resolved, still working on getting the sensors to work properly, before uploading another build
  7. Yes I do believe the play store issue is down to issues with the build.prop file, I've had an edited build.prop tested & feedback is that play store itself worked properly so I will incorporate that into the next build.
  8. You download it from the same place you got stock gapps but in the 3rd column (variant) choose pico.
  9. What version of gapps are you using?
  10. Did you install gapps at the same time as the ROM or after the first boot? Also did you clean install as in wiping data, system & cache?
  11. Update has been uploaded Sensors now working properly, also improved boot up time.
  12. The sensor issue I hope to have fixed in the near future, as for root Lineage doesn't have built in root access but root can be obtained by installing SuperSU systemless root.
  13. Disclaimer I'm am not responsible for bricked devices, flashing custom ROM's/Recovery's is done so at YOUR OWN RISK! Information This is a standard Lineage build without any extras & compiled with stock SU6 6.0.1 kernel Download Installation I recommend doing a full wipe before flashing! Flash ROM using TWRP Flash GAPPS 6.0 arm package of your choice Reboot & wait for Android to boot Please note that if you wish to have root access you will have to install SuperSU systemless! Version Information Status Beta ROM OS 6.0.1 Marshmallow ROM Kernel 3.10.49 Created 2017-08-24 Updated 2017-10-07 Thanks goes out to @wbrambley for his involvement in testing & helping to solve / fix bugs!
  14. Xposed - lags no more!

    From what I understand you need to put a # at the start of the first 2 dalvik lines under additional build properties
  15. Xposed - lags no more!

    In twrp first select mount then select system, go back to main screen then select advanced then file manager, in file manager goto sdcard if you saved it to internal storage or external_sd for sdcard & navigate to where your edited build.prop is & click on it, choose copy then navigate to system & swipe to complete. Now navigate to system & select build.prop & choose chmod & change 0000 to 0644 then hit go on the keyboard & swipe to confirm. I haven't installed xposed myself so for what to change just follow the earlier posts, all you need to do is put a # in front of what is suggested, just make sure you backup your phone so if something does go wrong you can restore it back.

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