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  1. Lineage 14.1 will not work without the updated firmware that came with the stock marshmallow update, try flashing this firmware-update.zip to see if it will help otherwise you will need to install the twrp flashable stock marshmallow from http://www.modaco.com/forums/topic/378390-smart-ultra-6-rom-601-with-root/ then come back to lineage 14.1
  2. New build up lineage-14.1-20180118-UNOFFICIAL-p839v55.zip I strongly recommend doing a fresh clean install as there has been a few background changes that may cause conflicts! Added VoLTE (I am unable to test so don't know if it works or not) Fixed charging LED Fixed battery profiles & made some improvements (most battery gains will be from when the phone is idle)
  3. I have solved the issue of the charging light being too bright & the notification light works for me too, but have been unsuccessful in finding the cause of the call echo.
  4. I will be updating the ROM in the future I just haven't really had much time lately, but I will get back to it. I believe most of the VoLTE stuff is already there so I will try to enable it in the next update, I just don't have the service in my area so will be unable to test if it works
  5. Are you able to capture a log of the problem so I am able to look into what the problem is.
  6. From android 7 lineage no longer has built in theme support
  7. Could you please give more info on the alarm clock issue as I am able to set an alarm & it goes off at the time it is set for.
  8. New build up https://www.mediafire.com/file/l0x80zppjc1bxl8/lineage-14.1-20171124_055430-UNOFFICIAL-p839v55.zip Fix tethering Possible fix for in-call sound echo OoenGL updated to 3.2 - thanks to @wbrambley Anyone still having issues with camera please capture a log & upload to a file sharing site, then paste the link to it in here
  9. Okay try flashing that one & then coming back to Lineage as there was firmware updates that came with stock marshmallow, which at this stage I suspect maybe the issue.
  10. Not that one but the completely stock one from http://www.modaco.com/forums/topic/378390-smart-ultra-6-rom-601-with-root/
  11. Just to rule it out, have you ever flashed the twrp flashable stock marshmallow rom?
  12. Okay, have you tried just Lineage with no gapps & no root add-on?
  13. 1. Are you doing a full wipe by going to advanced wipe & selecting system, dalvik, data & cache? 2. What version of twrp do you have?
  14. Just ignore the error, the ROM still installs & functions how it's supposed to.