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  1. try a full wipe and cleaning the cache. Both work for me
  2. (i already update to the last version of nutsda) thank you it's resolved the clock situation. Now one quick update of the bugs/problems: 1- Notification LED(middle bottum) it's to bright, like 2 ou 3 times the "normal" or stock ROM; 2- Some times i got a crash at this one aplication Soccer Hero after some time playing ( it was the only one to crash so far) and only a restart would solve because the system was not responding as well; 3- I think it consumes to much battery to fast; 4- I'm Vodafone Portugal and the LTE dosen't work proprely, to slow until its none usable. I have to use 3G maximum. Never the less it's a great work and i'am thankfull. Any thing else i will help you and report so fell free to ask anything
  3. basically it just crash once i click the clock app just that. I'm gona try your new realese and feedback to you back
  4. Hello, first of all thank you very much for this ROM @nutsda. I have been trying thid rom for only 24 hours and by now i am impressed. first of all is this realy android nougat? ( and if yes, how??? since vodafone hasen't release it and probably will not). For know i only found on bug that is the clock app what is kind of annoyng because i had to donwload other aplication to use the alarm, if you could see this it would be great. Never the less much appreciated because it's realy a good ROM. If i find any more bug's i'll report in here. Again thank you for your time and dedication and sorry for my english (i'm portuguese).

    many many thanks
  6. Miui Rom possible?

    hello is it possible or is anyone already working on a Miui rom forour vodafone ultra? Thank you