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  1. @nutsda Can you build Resurrection Remix now you have lineage stable. I would try my self but my ISP has now blocked tethering so I can't download sources to build. There seems to be a call for something more custom. Its like lineage has turned into stock android. Anyway thanks for this and the TWRP update+
  2. @nutsda @RufusK21 There are at least two versions of this phone. They were distinguishable because the screens had different tints. (There's posts about this in the su6 forum here in a thread about rooting I think) It also seemed some were more locked down through the Boot loader than others. On the previous build MTP worked on windows 7 8 10, tested.This time I just plugged into 7. There was a bug on 180118 build where switching between USB tether then back to MTP would fail until restart. MTP can be set as the default mode in developer options instead of charge which may help inconsistencies.
  3. Mtp working on windows, USB debugging enabled by default is the problem, disable it before plugging. If still not detected then manually install -mtp USB driver from device manager, Done. I suspect the DRM issue was causing the file permission bugs from last build. Both cameras work. Volume controls while making a call are still broken.
  4. Can anyone confirm if the volume controls work while in call. Make a call, then try to turn the volume up or down, does it work?
  5. Something kept changing all the recursive file & folder permissions to read only on ext_SD.
  6. I've been using this ROM for a while now, it's a great achievement from nutsda and wbrambley. Because of Google's need to botch external storage handling more and more with each update, I had problems using the external SD as portable storage but got the xposed module xinternalsd v4.8 to work reliably now. Xposed famework 89 works really well with this ROM. Check out gravitybox module it adds a lot of the customization you get in other ROMs like resurrection remix ect. Multi view windows is the best feature of nougat. Mixplorer is a good file manager to replace the new gimped system file manager. The only issues left to fix are in call volume controls not working and switching from USB tether to mtp is broken.(I think this bug might lead to the external SD permission problems ) If these get fixed I think it should be given -Final stable build status. Anyone else found issues? (Tumble weed rolls past) Good work.
  7. No it's not related. For some reason it wasn't showing on my app drawer.
  8. I have just checked receive calls function and it works as normal.(no abnormal delays) I don't have any lag going to settings. My guess is that gapps or updates cause these lags. Do you have an app called documents in your app drawer?
  9. Odour Fone

    Updated GPU drivers.

    Can this be used with 5.1 ROMs? Is it included with the lineage 13 rom.? Thanks for your work on this device and lineage 13.
  10. Odour Fone


    All previous builds contained viruses. https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/2577e27f7ade636b97b2ef0d21bda774c1bb68582f0eaa9561803c27384c2144/detection
  11. I noticed that as well. If you rotate your phone does the screen orientation change?
  12. I restored my custom launcher with a backup app and it works fine. I think the play store incompatibility maybe fixable with prop tweaks.(nutsda?) Google seem to be shafting custom ROM users by adding an option for developer's to block custom or rooted ROMs. How dare consumers that bought hardware have full control of their devices. /s ;) Does your screen auto rotate?
  13. http://opengapps.org/ Select -arm not the arm 64bit version Select 6.0 Select pico second from bottom on the right. This ROM is still in beta so you may find other issues. You are basically helping to test it by installing. :)
  14. @AGENTU007 In this order: From recovery wipe data factory reset. Install ROM, Don't install gapps after. Reboot, don't enable WiFi or data in setup. Skip setup options untill you can get to your home screen. Reboot to recovery then install gapps pico. Before you reboot to OS wipe dalvic cache. I noticed that it takes 2 reboots after GAPPS flash to fully install the gapps package. Edit* I can confirm that this works on this ROM. After gapps initial boot, settings stopped but auto relaunched fine.
  15. Odour Fone

    [Recovery] TWRP 3.0.2-0

    @KonstaT What are the chances of repacking the new MM ROM to be flashable in the current TWRP? The kernel is the same version I think. Does the bootloader have to be updated when a new ROM is deployed? I understand you have no motivation to even answer. Thank you for your efforts with TWRP, the phone would be junk without it.