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  1. @adeii I didn't have any blackscreens after callls. And thank you, that script(150MB) worked well. I got another swap file ( /dev/__), and I'm able to manipulate it in app2sd. Battery life, due to Gplay services, is a little worse, but nothing that effects me that much. Clash Royale works well too, tested.
  2. @adeii Tried both MicroG and OGapps. Basicly feels the same, although I would suggest older version of Hangouts, runs better. Also, uploading works on it too. Thanks for suggesting Gapps build, it's clear winner. This is suitable change for legacy for me, no more boxes in browser - rejoice! No blackscreen related to idle state or anything, just due to some heavyworkload for a couble of sec. The only thing thats bothering me is that i'm not able to enable swap, even though it has different priority. Am i missing something simple here?
  3. @adeii Thanks for answer. Is that problem related to stability (wifi uploading stops in middle of it) or it has limited speed? I'm fine with 1Mb/s, if it can pull that.
  4. @adeii In your opinion, is legacy better, or this modified CAF for daily use, games, and performance? (MicroG)
  5. Install VoIP fix, it can be found somewhere on the forum, Slimkat topic possibly.
  6. @nonobio Hmm, Slim Launcher, atleast in my case, had some bugs, like shortcuts dissapearing. Yet again, that might have been because I used some cheap china SD from Ebay. Now I'm using Smart Launcher, it is really nice, and quite stable. Be sure to disable any kind of animation. You can find Pro version apk somewhere on internet. I don't think you need to install any kernel, or replace it with other. I haven't. And it supports even OTG with some tweaks(check adeii posts)(but be careful to get an cable that you can connect to power supply - Y). And I think even GPU is slightly oveclocked, basicly you don't need to play with it. What you could do is installing VoIP fix, if i remember correctly, I did that to get Whatsapp to work. And yeah, make sure to use microG instead of Playserviece. It realy speeds it up. And lastly, if some games doesn't want to load, for example Orbits, just get some swap app and make some file. In general, you can use that for multitasking. Battery is not that great, of course, but atleast it survives the works day. If you have problems with pictures in browser, as I do, install Puffin. Best one I found so far. In general it is quite stable, and very fast ROM, if set correctly. Hope this helps.
  7. Tried it, doesn't work, but nice idea... Found this patched version of hangouts that works. All credits to funkypc on XDA, which is where I found this link. If it doesn't work, install it as system app with Lucky Patcher.
  8. Does Hangouts work with microG and FakeGapps installed? Edit: Tested it both on this and slimkat 9.0, it doesn't work. But hey, atleast Gplay works...
  9. Tested it, it works quite well. Tried Pokemon GO, it gets up to the map stadium and then crash/stuck. But yeah, Hill climbing works, Subway surfer too... It's an old phone, so im satisfied with that.
  10. Yeah, it is really nice, draws max out of the phone. And if someone has same problem with whatsapp, you can flash VOIP fix, can be found on this forum.
  11. @adeii I installed this ROM according to your instructons, and I must say I really like it. It opens things faster, Hangouts works much better. But here's the problem, Whatsapp doesn't work. I can get it to function as messenger, but when it comes to calls, it doesn't post *beeps* or any sounds at all. It just gets stuck on connecting. Do you have any resolution to this problem, and is it just me, or you face it to? By the way, I'm using Gapps, and i had some problems with latest releases. It optimized every app on every boot. So I just flashed an older release, and it worked like a beast. Thanks in advance.
  12. It has been like that since i changed digitizer. Tried stock rom reinstall, checked contact with the reader, and if it's pushed in nicely. Tried various sim cards. Checked also if i didn't accidently unplug reader a bit. Nothing seems to help. Should I replace that sim card reader?

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