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  1. Nutsda So far so good im using it for a while, thanks for all your work. =)
  2. Smart Ultra 6 - ROM 6.0.1. with ROOT

    this was made by me in Zwame forum :)
  3. Hi i decided to post here the way to get the latest update ( 6.0.1 ) for VSU6 with ROOT. First you need to be root and to have Custom recovery on your VSU6. Then download the vsu6.zip, inside you'll find the stock ROM modded by me and SU.zip. Reboot on your recovery, install the ROM its going to take a while so be calm and wait when finishes DO NOT REBOOT. Install SU. Now you can REBOOT your phone normally AGAIN ITS GOING TO TAKE A WHILE TO START but there you have it Smart Ultra 6 with root. https://mega.nz/#!kYYWAQZY!HQCa5pLwSc19tkn4bt-UgqaU_rFg3-sgY0tUwUmYO0U
  4. Root version Android 6.0.1??

    Hi i finally managed to get the update 6.0.1 with root. Please follow the instructions on the post https://forum.xda-developers.com/general/general/smart-ultra-6-rom-6-0-1-root-t3572456