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  1. Hi @KonstaTCould you add the Widevine blobs from your remix compilation? There is a video streaming app that works in your remix compilation but in cm12 and cm13 is closed when loading
  2. Can we send an email to Jide to release kernel sources of hi10 pro? What is their mail?
  3. Hi @KonstaTI think the sensitivity of the touch screen is the same in vi10 plus as hi10 pro, supposedly the same touch panel. In your vi10 you can't notice difference because you have always used the same kernel. In CM12.1 it was precompiled and now in CM13 it is compiled from the same sources as the previous one. In hi10 pro have gone from a very new kernel (with improved tactile sensitivity) to an older one (from vi10 plus). If you test CM12.1 with the hi10 Pro kernel on your Vi10 I think that you notice the improved sensitivity on touchscreen. But I think except for the location of the Windows button and the MMC is the same tablet. Sorry for my english!
  4. Hi @KonstaT, here is the last official Android build for Hi10 Pro, could it be used to update the current kernel and modules? Thanks.
  5. Thanks for the update. I have a small question. I have tried many tablets this year and the teclast x98 plus II has the best graphic performance on android. Best than other 1920x1200 tablets. (in windows performance is the same independent of resolution). Could you adapt some of the kernel graphics module of the teclast android rom to our chuwi?
  6. I tested the TWRP image and works perfectly. I don't have and i can't find the 20160906 file. What is OTA update directory? I can flash the 20160616 version with phone flash tool and i can download ota. EDIT: Here is the OTA update zip.
  7. All is working. I tested everything and all is fine. Thanks KonstaT!
  8. I don't need TWRP image, I modified you twrp image from Hi10 Plus and it works perfectly with Hibook pro. I flash the patch and all is working except camera. For Hibook pro latest stock Android is eng.softteam.20160906.102313 I can upload a TWRP image if you want.
  9. I replace the kernel modules in CM's and wifi and bluetooth still doesn't work. In hibook pro the issues are: Screen density (I change to 320 in build.prop) Wifi and bluetooth with the stock kernel zimage (with CM's kernel are fine) Touchscreen doesn't work with your kernel but it's fine with stock zimage. Audio works with your kernel but when I change to zimage stock kernel doesn't work I can test your builds
  10. Hi @KonstaT I extract stock and your cm12.1 boot.img and I put stock boot.img-zImage in your kernel and I repack and flash it. Now my hibook pro starts and touchscreen is working but wifi and bluetooth doesn't when with your kernel the did it. any advice? Thanks!!
  11. You are right, with the September OTA kernel (better touchscreen responsiveness) and dm-verity disable is still bootloop. I can`t wait for the compatibility patches! thanks for your hard work!
  12. Hi @KonstaTthanks for the amazing work. I have a Chuwi Hibook Pro and i flashed your rom. Everything works except the touchscreen (Kernel problem). If i flash the stock hibook pro kernel but the tablet doesn't boot. I guess that's a dm-verity problem. EDIT: After disable dm-verity the bootanimation logo appears but it remains there and does not boot. Any idea to solve this problem? Thanks