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  1. @KonstaTwould you ever consider doing any work on Rockchip based tablets?
  2. +1 it is working really well. Are you going to keep updating the security patch/merge latest commits? Not on a montly basis, but just every once in a while?
  3. Was about to ask you about Bliss rom as well. Mainly due to this What are the obstacles to get it to work properly? (Sorry for always asking novice questions) :)
  4. I don't know if this can help you in any way, but someone posted a Lineage OS 13 build for the iWork10 ( and a Remix OS build as well (
  5. Too early to get excited, but Lenovo is planning to release an Android N 7.0 upgrade for the Yoga book (YB1-X90F/L) with the Intel z8550 SoC. ( Hopefully, this will happen and fingers crossed this will mean Android N on the Chuwi Vi10 Plus at some point,
  6. Try this
  7. I still think my Vi10 Plus has a faulty camera. Yellow grain on the entire left side. Still no news from Medion regarding releasing the kernel source requested.
  8. I think I had luck producing photos using Open Camera, the stock/included camera wont take photos without distortion. Distortion like this (not as bad as the example, though. But still unusable). )
  9. @KonstaT Phoenix OS 2.0.0 based on Android 7.1 [Alpha] has been released ( / ( I know you've ported Phoenix OS before, would you have any interest in porting the 2.0 version (still in alpha though)?
  10. Beyond me why you didn't purchase the Hi10 Plus with dual boot (Android 5.1 + Windows 10). Why not flash Remix OS 2.0 and simply get the Microsoft Office for Android? There's an option to get desktop-like interface on Remix OS under Developer Settings.
  11. Leandroid and Greenify come highly recommended. Best advice though is to get another tablet. The FNF ifive Mini 4S if you're on a budget.

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