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  1. What will you do now adeii? I was looking forward to an update D:
  2. 1) I do not use hibernate applications. 2) I will then wait for a new build to use this rom :D
  3. Thank you for responding adeii. I am interested in trying the rom these days. I'll ask you other questions, forgive the inconvenience. 1) Will this rom go more smoothly than the Infinitive OS 1.0? Right now I have Infinitive OS 1.0 installed without gapps or google service. Here I leave you a capture of how much Ram leaves free (150 mb free). For example, I have installed: Whatsapp, Swipe for Facebook, Napster, Instagram, Twitter and Nova Launcher. The ram management is excellent and the battery lasts about 6 or 7 hours in the rom of infinitive OS 1.0 (depending on the use you give to the cell phone). So I ask again: will Lineage OS 13.0 go much better than Infinitive OS 1.0? :) PS: Will you keep updating this rom or will this be your last build? Regards!
  4. Hi adeii! 1) How much free RAM do you have without gapps? 2) Does the battery last a lot? 3) No problem with the camera set to 5 MP? 4) The rom does not have problem that the phone stays on black screen? How was Infinitive OS 1.0? 5) Play the videos well? Sorry if I ask too much. You do an excellent job!
  5. Thank you very much, now the cell phone does not keep the screen off (it happens very seldom).
  6. My cell phone has the lock on, I even put the option to turn it on with the volume key (+) and the problem still persists. As for multiple core decision, I do not know any of that. Forgive my bad English
  7. I already activated the intelli-plugin option. Even the problem persists, sometimes the cell phone is completely turned off after being locked for a long time. They could solve this problem at least by editing the rom?. The rom is completely fluid but that is the only mistake I have
  8. What application do you recommend me to do that?.
  9. Excellent rom but I have a small problem: sometimes the cell phone does not turn on the screen when it has time blocked, then I have to remove the battery It only happened 2 times, any recommendations to solve that problem?

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