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  1. can you make a rum? miu 9
  2. You did a good job, congratulations
  3. after many tests I can say that you have made an exceptional rome congratulations and thanks for your work I wish you good health.
  4. Hello will we also have an android 8 oreo?
  5. Hello will we also have an android 8 oreo?
  6. Hello we'll also have an android 8 oreo?
  7. Hi, the introduction of Lineage OS Theme Engine themes has been omitted
  8. Another problem is the sound for calls that are heard very slowly but the sound for notifications sounds good
  9. there is no need to change the themes
  10. I think there is a problem with the display because I tested with another rom and so it works thank you
  11. I wanted to emphasize the typing problem that some parts of the display are not working properly
  12. to be more explicit if press P does not work
  13. I still have two problems. 1.If I want to start the room tells me, unfortunately the room stopped. 2. The P key on the keyboard does not work, when the letter P appears on the letter P instead of the P when pressing the letter P I have to be very careful and to push with caution P practically does not take command of that place on the display