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  1. Update: all is working. From DNX mode, I entered twrp with the img file, and from there all was fine (flash twrp, disable dm-verity, flash cm12.1 + gapps). Thanks for the support!
  2. Also, if you could provide some assistance regarding how to download the stock firmware from the Chinese forum it would be great. I have the TFB variant, is the TWB applicabe to it as well? Again, thanks very much for all the help. Sorry for the hassle...
  3. Thanks, I can indeed enter DNX mode. I'll download the stock firmware later and try to boot the bootloader with the loader.efi file. Once the bootloader is up, should I follow the steps to install twrp and continue from there? Could you please elaborate on the option to reflash everything? Is there a guide somewhere? Thanks very much!
  4. The same thing happens - after the dual boot menu (I keep vol down pressed), the tablet is stuck on the chinese logo screen.
  5. I haven't disabled dm-verity. I can't get into bootloader or startup the device in android (win10 works fine). It is just stuck on the chinese logo. I've waited more than 30 minutes.
  6. Hi, I'm trying to install twrp on a TWB device (using the TFB version of twrp). After installing the img file, I boot into the recovery in order to install the zip, but couldn't access the internal storage (no sdcard at the moment), so I performed a wipe and tried to reboot the recovery. Now the device is stuck in the Chinese-logo screen (after selecting OS). This happens for normal boot as well as for recovery (vol down in OS-selection screen). Any ideas what can I do? Thanks.
  7. Found my issue, putting the solution here for posterity. 3 words - I am stupid. I installed the earlier version of the patch with the latest version of the rom. When I used the current version of both - everything works.
  8. Hi, I have a similar issue to the one reported earlier: settings > security always crashes ("unfortunately, settings has crashed"). I've tried clearing cache+dalvik, and also wiping and trying before any apps are installed. Same result. Attaching logcat. Thanks. logcat.txt
  9. thanks for the quick reply. 1. I'm not at home at the moment, will send the logs when I have it. 2. Well, I am a noob, but not that big of a one, of course I read it :) I'm just wondering if this is the kind of drain which comes with the lack of deep sleep. I guess it is... In addition, there seems to be drain even when the device is off. I turned it off last night with ~60% battery, and turning it on in the morning it had 5%. Strange.
  10. Hi, I'm currently with CM13, having major battery drain issues. Will it be better with CM12? Should I return to stock before installing CM12, or can I install it over my current CM13? Thanks!
  11. Thanks for this! I've just installed on my iWork8 Air. I have two issues: 1. Bluetooth isn't working. Whenever I turn it on, it just hangs for a few seconds and then remains off. 2. Battery drain is a real problem for me. Is it normal for the tablet to lose ~7% of battery per hour when it's in airplane mode and the screen is off? Thanks.