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  1. I want to use Titanium Backup to restore some apps from my phone to the tablet. I think we need root to do so. Is this version of Remix rooted?
  2. Konstat - I did the patch on my Hi10 Pro & it is great - i actually get much better battery life in CM13 than Remix. Is there a launcher that would allow some of the remix os functionality on the 'start' menu?
  3. I am now on your Remix build (B2016092102) & the sensitivity seems good - same as the remix B2016081102. CM13 appears to need significantly more pressure to register the screen. Is there a patch I should use on CM13 for the Hi10 Pro? I am pretty sure I just flashed CM & Gapps. Should I also flash for CM13?
  4. Anyone with a Hi10 Pro using CM12? I am curious how you like it vs CM13?
  5. I am going with a me too on this. It seems like you need more effort to press down on the touch screen vs on the Remix os. It is very accurate but needs more pressure to register keys.
  6. I really like the hi10 pro. I use the windows side for PC troubleshooting & the android side for 'media' consumption. The altering of the KB file mentioned above Allows you to chose between keyboard waking the device or not. I have never had an issue with the tablet waking up (only owned it a few weeks though). I would be more concerned about it eating battery when sleeping (not going to deep sleep mode). I will play with the KB file to see if it can come out of a deep sleep mode. I am going to install CM13 tonight too. That nandroid makes it really easy to play.
  7. Now that Konstat has me understanding the android side a little. How do you reinstall the windows side of the tablet? I am totally lost on that end of it. I am debating on installing Windows 10 pro from scratch vs the current windows 10 home.
  8. I feel like I am in good shape but still very confused on the windows portion of the reinstall. Thats where the phone flash tool might come in handy. I am utterly confused on what to do beyond rename a usb stick to winpe, dump all chuwi windows files in & hit F7 during boot. Does the Remix & CM13 both only format to 12gb ish of storage? I dont really get the dual booting setup. If I have a nandroid of remix and a nandroid of CM13 - I can just factory wipe & restore between the two backups? EDIT: that keyboard file edit seems to have done the trick. So without the file the physical keyboard wakes & is able to use the keyboard to enter the pin, with the file it doesnt. So I would expect poor battery life without the file.
  9. I will give the keyboard renaming a try. It might explain how the battery always died so fast in standby in Android & how long the battery lasted in windows though. Just so I am clear to fastboot flash the stock Remix os. To fastboot flash the original I can do: fastboot flash system.img using the Hi10 Pro Android images-factory-cw_hi10pro_eu-2.0-5.1.1-B2016081102-signed from Chuwi's website Or Use the intel phone flash tool, open it point it to the flash.json, choose (blank, blank_without_gpt, or update) then hit "start to flash" to get it back to factory? Thanks so much for your help - this is great!
  10. Hi, So I have a Hi10 Pro which started with Remix B2016081102. I then flashed Twrp booted into recover using adb reboot recovery. Once in, I wiped System & formatted. I then flashed: 1. 2. 3. Rebooted & chose the android boot open (vs the windows one). Everything looks great! It left the windows partition alone & working fine! I am running B2016092102 now! Plus I have a nice new nandroid backup too! Three issues: 1. The windows key on the tablet seems to no longer click the ‘start’ menu. 2. Physical Enter key on keyboard no longer wakes the device (making you have to press the tablet power button). The keyboard light does turn on for a sec but never gets the screen going. 3. Physical keyboard no longer is able to punch in the lock pin code (numbers in my case). Keyboard seems to be non functional until on screen keyboard is used for lock. I am not sure if the physical keyboard issues are related to a wakelock. In the past anytime I started tapping on the keyboard, the screen would light up & take the numbers if plugged in. In the past when unplugged, I would have to hit the enter button on keyboard, wait a few seconds (while it would wake) then hit the physical keyboard keys to enter pin numbers to unlock. For testing purposes is there an easy way to ‘zip’ install the original Hi10 Pro remix though Twrp? Thanks, Rich
  11. Hi, Very newbish question. I have a Hi10 Pro with the remix OS / Windows 10 dual boot option. 1. Can I install TWRP, CM 13 (or 12) & still keep Windows 10 as a boot option? 2. Is there an issue with the Hi10 Pro touch screen in the current CM 13 build? 3. Is there a way to go back to stock (remix / windows) in the event I botch something? Thanks, Rich

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