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  1. On a side note - speaking of inexpensive 2 in 1 Chinese tablets... I was reading on a website (cant remember name) that there were some next gen 10" devices coming out soon. It was some sort of video review at an expo of some sort. Any ideas what the 'next' device like this will be (good quality, not expensive)? Thanks, Rich
  2. Konstat - with your latest release do we still need to flash the brightness zip? I am using Lineage OS but the lowest brightness is still significantly brighter than my nexus 6p.
  3. So I am more confused - the built in file manager does show both storage (local & SD) but i cant seem to get the twrp backup copied from local to sd? Not sure if i should flash supersu? It could be a permissions error - i did enable root within the developer options.
  4. So your saying just do the nandroid backup in twrp onto the built in storage & move it over to the SD card or my PC for safe keeping? Its not the end of the world to copy & paste it from my local storage to the SD card but for some reason in Lineage OS I am unable to find the SD card using root explorer as my file manager. The main issue is I dont have much in terms of local storage to begin with. Twrp & remix seem to see the SD card. Do you save your nandroids to the local storage or SD? I cant figure what i might be doing wrong here.
  5. I am having some issues making nandroid backups. I am using a SD card as the destination. It seems that the backup will stall if the name is too long. The backup starts goes maybe five or 10% and then we'll hang for well over an hour when normally a backup takes under 5 minutes at most. In remix OS when I do an Android if I edit the name before the backup it won't work. With lineage the default name is so long that it seems to keep stalling so I'm not sure if that makes any sense. I tried to edit the lineage default name to something small thing just lineage and it's still stalls on a backup for nandroid. Any ideas what the issue could be as it sounds more like a TWRP issue or an SD card issue. Thanks Rich
  6. Any issues if i want to nandroid back & forth from this to your Remix rom?
  7. Konstat - I installed the light patch from your 7am posting on page 4. I am not exactly sure how to tell if its working. It dimmed before & seems to dim now.
  8. I want to use Titanium Backup to restore some apps from my phone to the tablet. I think we need root to do so. Is this version of Remix rooted?
  9. Konstat - I did the patch on my Hi10 Pro & it is great - i actually get much better battery life in CM13 than Remix. Is there a launcher that would allow some of the remix os functionality on the 'start' menu?
  10. I am now on your Remix build (B2016092102) & the sensitivity seems good - same as the remix B2016081102. CM13 appears to need significantly more pressure to register the screen. Is there a patch I should use on CM13 for the Hi10 Pro? I am pretty sure I just flashed CM & Gapps. Should I also flash for CM13?
  11. Anyone with a Hi10 Pro using CM12? I am curious how you like it vs CM13?
  12. I am going with a me too on this. It seems like you need more effort to press down on the touch screen vs on the Remix os. It is very accurate but needs more pressure to register keys.
  13. I really like the hi10 pro. I use the windows side for PC troubleshooting & the android side for 'media' consumption. The altering of the KB file mentioned above Allows you to chose between keyboard waking the device or not. I have never had an issue with the tablet waking up (only owned it a few weeks though). I would be more concerned about it eating battery when sleeping (not going to deep sleep mode). I will play with the KB file to see if it can come out of a deep sleep mode. I am going to install CM13 tonight too. That nandroid makes it really easy to play.
  14. Now that Konstat has me understanding the android side a little. How do you reinstall the windows side of the tablet? I am totally lost on that end of it. I am debating on installing Windows 10 pro from scratch vs the current windows 10 home.

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