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    chuwi h1o plus
  1. sorry for this question.. to install lineageos 13 to hi 10 plus , i need a patch??
  2. hi to everyone, i would ask What's for you the best rom for chuwi hi 10 plus.. I'm currently on lineage os12.. Thanks for the replies.. N. B. it would be wonderful if Master Konsta T said his opinion..
  3. Thanks a lot for your that forum were speaking about a script but I was hoping to update the driver..
  4. Hi to everyone ..sorry for off topic but i need help... I've installed cm12 and it works fine but i've a problem with w10 partition.. Using original chuwi keyboard , i have minimize issue touch are minimized when i don't want. How can i solve this? Thanks for all.
  5. Hi to everyone.. many thanks to Konsta T for his beautiful work.. I've installed cm12 and it is very efficient but I'm not able to power on the display but the track pad of the chuwi magnetic keyboard.. it's possible only by power button and volume button..

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