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  1. Honor 3 - people's complain about bad hearing

    may be it's a hardware issu du to you microphone _______________________________________________________________________________________________ galaxy s7 achat samsung galaxy s8 edge
  2. is it possible to fusion the storage with the SD card ? _______________________________________________________________________________________________ samsung s7 achat galaxy note 8
  3. is it not the nightly versions? _______________________________________________________________________________________________ iphone 6 achat iphone 7
  4. Honor announce the £225 Dual Camera 6X

    In my opinion it is a very good smartphone for good price-quality ratio, if it is planned in Europe it is quite possible that it will become my next smartphone according to the test! But too bad that in this early 2017 Honor did not think of a USB plug Type-C _______________________________________________________________________________________________ galaxy s7 achat galaxy s8 abonnement