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  1. UHANS Max2: A Decent Phablet for Multimedia

    Six Benefits you can get from giant screen UHANS Max 2 5.5-inch sized smartphone has always been the trend, but it hasn't stop the smartphones growing bigger. And it has opened a new segment called "phablet". UHANS Max 2 that features 6.44-inch screen , is the one that among the parade. Visual Pleasure The large display offers more real estate to house widgets and App icons and they are ideal to enjoy high definition wallpapers. Less scroll Bigger display produces more content on a single page to avoid scrolling, it is great for e-book reading, online shopping, website browsing, etc. Easy on social networking Large screen devices are very comfortable and convenient to browse the updates on social networks. Office On-The-Go Easier for creating or editing documents and files right on smartphones Spacious typing range Easy and accurate typing, more relaxing while typing on bigger virtual keyboard Immersive games Engaging gaming experience, with extended view and bigger control panel for accurate operation. 6.44-inch sized UHANS Max2 do have its benefits including those aforementioned options and those have made it highly popular among consumers. Meanwhile, the company has come up with new technologies which keep the Max 2 as slim as possible. Therefore, consumers are lucky to get one that not only sports bigger screen, but also with slim contour. Stay tuned for more.
  2. Full Screen Smartphone UHANS MX hands on video About one month ago, Chinese smartphone manufacturer UHANS declared that they are working on a bezel-less smartphone UHANS MX, which is a 5.2-inch sized smartphone that features dual glass panels. Till now, we've got the first hand real shoot and hands-on video. Therefore, if you are the fancier of full screen smartphones, then go ahead and check below. Unlike other bezel-less phones, the 5.2-inch screen covers almost 82-percent of the phone. And instead of pursuing a maximized screen-to-body ratio, the light sensor and proximity sensor you'd find on bottom of Xiaomi Mix are still on the forehead of UHANS MX. It eliminates the possibility of blocking the light capture while holding it by hands, and prevents the phone from downgrading the brightness accidentally to adjust to the dimmer situation. What’s more, as you can see from the screen-on picture, the bezels of UHANS MX are almost invisible. 2.5D rounded glass panel integrates with polished aluminum alloy frame makes the phone a harmonious and seamless whole, it just looks like an intact jade while it come across the light. However, apart from the information we get from the pictures and video, we still have no idea about the real configuration of the UHANS MX. The assumption is that the manufacturer is hiding it for the final big show. Stay tuned for more information.
  3. UHANS Max2: A Decent Phablet for Multimedia

    SLR Features on 4 Camera Smartphone Uhans Max 2 Experience the Bokeh Effect on the 4 Cameras smartphone: UHANS Max 2 For more details: 6.44-inch FHD 1920 x 1080 display 4GB RAM+64GB ROM Rear(13MP+2MP) + Front(13MP+2MP) 4300mAh battery More info, Stay tuned here.
  4. UHANS Max2: A Decent Phablet for Multimedia

    UHANS Max 2: Immersive Gaming Experience on A 6.44” Screen As a 6.44” “phablet”, UHANS Max 2 not only take the charge of bringing more convenience and comfort to video-watching, but also meet the demands of more flexible and immersive gaming experience. Fortunately, even though that the phone is coming with a gigantic screen, the manufacturer has not compromised in offering it a Full HD display. Indeed, UHANS Max 2 performs pretty well in presenting in-depth and sharp graphics. Check the hands-on video which is about the gaming experience on UHANS Max 2. It is noticeable that a bigger display plays a great role both in providing extensive vision and flexible field for the hands to move around. It perfectly handles various games such as car racing, multiple fighting, Pokeman and so on. Compared to the smaller ones, on a 6.44” UHANS Max 2, far more spacious room is provided for observing the incoming scene, and the players can move ahead more strategically. No dynamic images are blocked by the control panel or hands. What’s more, 4GB RAM also gives it a big favor in dealing with even graphic intensive games. It ensures you a smooth and humanized gaming experience. All in all, the 6.44” sized UHANS Max 2 is designated for game players who want to enjoy a more relaxing and immersive atmosphere while in casual. And the good news is that the UHANS Max 2 will be released in September. Stay tuned for more detail.
  5. Phones are turning bigger and technical parameters are up-scaled. UHANS Max2, a 6.5-inch phone, follows the trends tightly and makes itself a quite eye-catching gadget among the the flow of smartphones. Display It is quite impressive to see a smartphone that with 6.5-inch screen, which is neither bulky nor awkward as the tablet does. That is to say, it will be a nice creation for users with considerable multimedia consumption, but don't want to shell out on tablets that on most occasions lack a voice Calling. Website browsing and online shopping will also be more convenient due to more details will be displayed in one page. It is definitely a blessing to game players too, players are allowed to control the console on a massive screen with more precise clicks and movements. UHANS knows the exact feeling of FIFA World Cup lovers, that's why they have come up with this gigantic while carry-On smartphone. Not even a segment of fierce tournament will be missed out, that's the promise made by UHANS. Performance UHANS Max2 is set up with MTK6750T octa-core processor clocked at 1.5HZ, and comes with 4GB of RAM, and 128GB extendable storage. Still powerful to handle all the operations you required on it. Software As for the Android 7.0 system, users will find out how convenient it is to take advantage of the split-screen on a 6.5-inch smartphone. Users are allowed to watching Youtube and texting simultaneously. Or browsing shopping site without shutting off the texting page. If you said that it is awkward to run two apps at the same time on 5.5-inch or below screen, then why don't try it on a far bigger Max2. Battery What about the battery? A 4300mAh battery packs in a slim body. Although it is indeed power-consuming for a bigger sized smartphone, the battery test stated that the battery will smoothly powerhouse the user for a whole day's usage even with the application of furious APPs. Camera And one of the highlights is that it is the first time for the UHANS to apply 4 cameras on its smartphones, The 13MP + 2MP combination setups on Max2 are designated for capturing more vivid while in depth photos. And selfie has never be so clear and enchanting with the dual shooter. In short, UHANS Max2 is born to satisfy users with enormous multimedia consumption while without compromising performance. Stay tuned for more information.
  6. Updates: AGM X2 brings the tech that you might’ve never hear of before Part of the specs of the AGM X2 has been released recently, this IP68 certified handset is expected to have a 12MP dual rear camera, 16MP front-facing shooter and a battery with capacity of 6000mAh or more. According to the information, AGM has a big move on the camera. Reportedly the AGM X2 makes use of Sony IMX386 CMOS of its camera with 1/2.9 inch of lens size and F2.0 aperture, besides, AGM claims to employ RGB + Mono dual-camera technology on AGM X2 for improving image quality under low-light conditions, which means that to a large extent it helps users to shoot night scene photos with higher details on par with other flagship front-runners such as Galaxy S8, iPhone 7, and Google Pixel. And the camera setup will have a better algorithm of Backlight Mode than many high-end handsets to produce high-quality photos when the light behind the subject. What is RGB + Mono camera? The dual camera has a RGB sensor and a Monochrome sensor to capture a photo simultaneously, the RGB sensor takes color photos by filtering out light in order to determine which colors (Red, Green, Blue) is taken or go, which makes the images come out sharp but losing detail. In contrast, the monochrome sensor doesn’t care about the color of light, it captures all incoming light, and it only captures scenes in black and white with much more detail than color sensor. With these two sensor working together, the phone is able to capture more light and add more detail by combining a photo produced by Color sensor with the second one produced by Monochrome sensor, the final photo therefore is extremely high quality. What is the advantage of Backlight Mode? When the sun is right in front of you lighting the back of the subject you are shooting, usually the main subject would be too dark, resulted in an awful photo, because the camera’s built-in automatic light meter is unable to correct overall exposure. In this case the Backlight Mode is for adjusting the exposure to compensate for the difference between foreground and background so that the subject is better exposed. Thanks to the improved algorithm which is the same as that using by OPPO, the AGM X2 claims to have ability to produce much better Backlight photos than any other rugged devices. In general, the AGM X2 is expected to pack an excellent 12MP dual camera capable of dealing with low light conditions and backlight subjects as well as providing vivid images with higher detail, If the rumors are to be truthful, the AGM X2 can be said the best outdoor smartphone for filming and shooting photos by eclipsing its competitors in the field of rugged devices. Stay tuned for more updates.
  7. AGM X1 Dual Camera IP68 smartphone.

    AGM Brand is putting quite some faith into their and World first dual camera phone with IP68 rating. The AGM X1 has some great features. But can it stand against the phones from the big brands? Well, in today’s small comparison, I will put it directly against Cat S60 and let’s see who will succeed. AGM X1 seems to have an upper hand with 5.5 super AMOLED display, higher resolution 1080 x 1920 PX, bigger RAM 4GB, ROM 64GB, support NFC, bigger 5400mAH battery, faster charging, and fingerprint sensor. CAT S60 ahead with Android OS, Dual camera LED, and bigger external memory capacity. The deciding factor quite often comes with the price tag and here is where the AGM X1 really shines, it’s available on online stores at $270, while the Cat S60 at $600+. So Basically you can get AGM X1 for about 45% of the CAT S60 price. The comparison will give you a better idea of which phone is better than others and thus, you can select the best one out of two.
  8. AGM X1 Dual Camera IP68 smartphone.

    When it comes to dual camera handsets, what pops up on your mind instantly might be iPhone 7, Xiaomi mi 6 and Huawei P10, and the AGM X1 has been put on the list by more and more consumers since it launched last year over the world. Well, there are a few products featuring dual camera on markets, but the mid-range smartphone AGM X1 is the only devices that features dual camera as well as IP68 certification for water, dust, and shock resistance. As the flagship of AGM series phone, it comes with 5.5-inch Super AMOLED display with 1080 pixels, Qualcomm 617 chipset along with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of expandable storage for up to 128GB via Micro SD card, and the dual rear camera goes to 13MP, front camera has 5MP, besides, it packs a 5400mAh battery with Quick Charge tech as well as a fingerprint scanner on the front. Available at Aliexpress, eBay, Tomtop, Gearbest and etc. now on Ebay ( mobileskingdom ) you can save € 40 and On Aliexpress price dropped by 17% for 7 days plus offering big gift as well on Frank Aliexpress.
  9. New UHANS A6 MT6580 ARM 1.3GHz quad-core

    The UHANS A6 is powered by an MT6580 ARM 1.3GHz quad-core processor and complemented by 2GB RAM and 16GB of internal memory. In fact, it is a quite balanced integration for a budget-friendly smartphone due to the unblamable performance. In short, elegant look, 5.5-inch large screen, sensitive fingerprint sensor and steady processor collaborates in making A6 a powerful while price-friendly smartphone. High quality Display effect like Samsung and Redmi.
  10. New Gretel A6

    80$ smartphone with 5.5 inch IPS crystal touch display, 360 degree back fingerprint touch ID, full metal body, 13MP Samsung 3L2 sensor and 5MP front camera. it is a very great deal. Should i buy it ?
  11. AGM X1 Dual Camera IP68 smartphone.

    I really liked it because AGM X1 world first Dual Camera smartphone with IP68, 4GB RAM, 64GB ROM, 5.5 inch FHD display, Snapdragon 617 ( MSM8952 ) Octa Core and Price around 250$. Only problem is it has Android 5.1 but it will be update end of this month. Share you Opinion or share if you know better ?
  12. AGM A8 ( Android 7.0 out of box)

    Decent budget Android device with IP68 and Android 7.0 out of the box 13MP camera 5.0 "HD 1280x720pixels, Gorilla Glass 3 Snapdragon 410 MSM8916 1.2 GHz Adreno 306 battery 4050mAh 3GB and 32GB AGM A8 Lineage OS 14.1 tutorial Android 7.1.1 update available. Now you can run Resurrection Remix OS + Lineage OS 14.1

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