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  1. Oh nice! Thank you! I'm going to try this, does it work correctly in vee7? Can we trust the developer?
  2. Thank you @adeii I'll try Micro-G with Lineage OS 13, so I think I'll have to install Xposed before. Note:I'll send you a private message. Please check it later. Thank you @Gintoki98 Your words helped me a lot. Gplay games not having support is a problem, anyway, I'll try install micro-G, the only game I have and needs Gplay games is Metal sulg attack. XD.
  3. Hello! To get Micro-G, Have you installed Xposed before? Google contacts sync works? Thank You!!
  4. Is it possible to use this recovery in vee7 (LG l7II p715 / 716)?
  5. It's a pity! A member called weritos in xda, that you know probably, stopped developing for vee7. He could to help a lot. Anyway, I still have l7ii. If you need any tests you can just tell me, included for other roms. Thank's!
  6. Are you also developing GlazeOS for L7II?