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  1. Hi, Has anyone managed to get DroidMote Server to work with this ROM? I can install it and get it to connect to the client on my Motorola Defy but it does react to the commands other than to switch off. From reading the DroidMote help pages that suggests that the ROM does not have the uniput module in the kernal? Anyone know how to rectify this? Latest update of Beta 6 is very good by the way in all other things. Would be great to get this working too. Ta
  2. switching usb mode hangup

    Hi, Yeah just realised it is NTFS which I guess is no supported. Regards
  3. switching usb mode hangup

    Hi That worked. I can now read a usb stick. However my Western Digital external drive is not recognised. Should it appear as the dongle does? Or am i missing something? I am sure someone else did get that hard drive to work. Regards
  4. switching usb mode hangup

    Hi, What file did you replace? Your link is to this page. Regards
  5. 01/Feb r3: USB Mode (host / slave switcher)

    No, can you do this in the Super User App? Regards
  6. 01/Feb r3: USB Mode (host / slave switcher)

    Hi, Same here, installed as part of r6 upgrade. Regards
  7. switching usb mode hangup

    Hi, How long is a while? Mine has been sitting at the reboot screen for five minutes but no joy? Regards
  8. Users running LauncherPro

    Morning, I tried it and it zooms in on the red square in terms of its width. There is a thin band (about 1cm) along the top of yellow. When moving to the screens horizontally it stays red to the end (with three screens). Regards
  9. IN STOCK NOW 10:08am 18/12/10

    Got the case exchanged at the local PC World today.
  10. IN STOCK NOW 10:08am 18/12/10

    Yes, it arrived today, thanks. The packing tape has damaged the faux leather case so that will need to be exchanged. An evening setting up awaits! Regards
  11. IN STOCK NOW 10:08am 18/12/10

    Hi Ordered mine on Sunday but have heard nothing since. No emails at all. Phoned today and was told it had been dispatched and was given a DHL tracking number. Tried that on their site but it does not recognise it. Phoned PC World back to check the tracking number was correct and was given two new numbers. Neither of these worked either so phoned DHL. When I put the two new numbers in the automated service it told me that the product had been delivered in October!!. The original tracking number given was not recognised. So hopefully it is on the way but I don't know where it is or when it might arrive!! Regards
  12. BBC iPlayer on your Windows Mobile Device JUST GOT APP'D

    Hi, Works fine on both 3G and Wifi on my MDA Compact IV. Regards
  13. MDA Compact IV (HTC Victor) extended battery

    Hi, I got one (with a hump on the back) from GPS for less. It is the 1800 one so lasts a bit longer. Get about 5 and a half hours of continuous Tom Tom out of it. Good if you can live with the hump. Regards
  14. MDA Compact IV (HTC Victor) extended battery

    Expansys have one coming soon, but it is about £40.
  15. Hi I read what Paul had said about the compact iv and this mount. However when I checked with Mobilefun they said it would fit. I went ahead and bought one and can confirm it does fit. Will post a picture once I have fitted it to the car. Regards