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  1. Hi guys Huawei just relased an update for the Huawei Ascend P2 which I'm unable to apply as I removed the PlusOne.apk via rootexplorer and the update halts when looking for this file. I tried rename the one from PlayStore and move it to system/app but somehow it doesn't recognize it. Would you mind sharing your PlusOne.apk as I recall the P1 is on the same JB 4.1.2. A million thanks.
  2. Okay well thats a plus for sure. Either way its a great Phone. Did you know its possible to Download a number of themes here : http://zh.ui.vmall.com/theme.php?mod=list&display=1&model=P6&version=EMUI1.5&last_select=model They work for the P2 as well :-)
  3. Thanks for the comments so far although it saddens me. Do you know if 4.2. 2 or 4. 3 is comming to this phone?
  4. Hi Guys Bought this great Ascend p2 which is fast and snappy but I miss Android 4.2.2, root access and cyangenmod. Do you know if Its possible to root and Install cm10 and would you be so kind to tell me how? :-) Thanks a million.