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  1. interesting.... source please ?
  2. MIUI7 & MIUI8 can do this, in miui7 i'm using DualSimControl app, but MIUI8 rom that support switch 3G i found it here from chinese forum
  3. no sim 2 not supported, only sim 1 that supported 3g switch
  4. finally! thanks man :) btw how to switch 3g in this rom ? are you using DualSimControl ?
  5. sorry dont see your avatar on greek forum ahahahaha :p i hope so, well its ok if this problem can be solved by using third party app, and i dont have any problem with three fingers screenshot, so this rom still best for me :)
  6. probably miui 7.9.14 supports button remaping and gestures. But i'm not gonna port it since i've read something about bad memory + battery managment (on Redmi notes 3 forums) Jpower said that on greek forum
  7. after 1 week using this rom, i'll give it 5 stars batery backup just awesome! smooth & bugless bluetooth, gps, ps everything is better than stockrom as always, but longpress button... i mean it doesnt matter about recent & menu vice versa, but i always using longpress back button for kill current app how to fix it ?
  8. finally! goodjob @Jpower73 i hope its different source with thp version