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  1. the programmed alarm clock does not work when the phone goes off, something that happened in previous versions. ¿any solution?
  2. Does anyone know how to view all open applications from the central button of the mobile, in the June version u8833 does not allow it?
  3. Why is the WIFI signal lost, disconnected and then manually? Is there a solution? I'm using the June version for 8833
  4. Any response to this problem with the storage of the videos?
  5. Thanks for the data but as I would do to load all the contacts of gmail in my y300-0151, the synchronization would not work any possible solution?
  6. I have already installed the last rom, any solution to see youtube with microG and gmail?
  7. There is a bug and maybe there is a solution with regard to the locked camera program, it does not save the videos, it only films, since the other camera program does not work and it closes. Any response to this problem with the storage of the videos?
  8. The same message keeps appearing despite enabling the indicated Youtube will not run without Google Play services, which are not compatible with your device
  9. CASE: YOUTUBE Install NanoMod-microG-14.x but when I run Youtube I get this message (I attached the image) CASE: GMAIL Gmail will not run without Google Play services, which are not compatible with your device. Any solution? Will there be a solution regarding the configuration of gmail? Gmail will not run without Google Play services, which are not compatible with your device. CASE: microG and self-Check The microG settings are like this: (I tried to activate the spoofing of signatures but does not let it activate) as advised in the updated post Something I can solve?
  10. How to do to see all open applications? I press the lower center button and it does not show it. Will there be an additional step to activate it in this ROM?
  11. Which is more stable: lineage-13.0-20170605-UNOFFICIAL-u8833 or Broken-v4.9.1-u8833-6.0.1-noRoot-20171110.zip? Why?
  12. The Flash and lighting in the taking of pictures and video is very dark, any solution in this regard? Equally there is a decompensation of the battery. Is it a problem of the OS, will it have any solution? I use the crDroid-ported-u8833 Testing and debugging
  13. That's right, 1 SIM, which baseband would you recommend to change?
  14. If there are no new compilations for this ROM, which one would you recommend now for Huawei Y300-0151 with Android 6.0.1?
  15. It is a file downloaded from APKPure, where previously it was possible to install without problem in the ROM version of the month of june
  16. Perfect, making the power off and on the button is enabled install ... now appears for certain applications installed the message 'Unfortunately, the application stopped' will there be any solution?
  17. Does anyone know what is the program in this ROM that disables the button install in certain apk's? I have several apks that I need to install and these only show the cancel button activated
  18. Someone knows the difference between lineage-13.0-20171020-ported-u8833 and lineage-13.0-20171020-odexed-u8833 ?
  19. Urgent Is there a solution so that incoming calls are not lost when answering, since the caller only listens to you less than a minute and then remains silent. I am using lineage-13.0-20171020-odexed-u8833.zip Is it correct to use it? Is that why the problem with calls? I will appreciate any help from him.
  20. Hello Forum, For those who have problems with google services and the execution of youtube, I suggest you finish your problems with the installation of OGYoutube where the implementation of the application is solved wonderfully and with the special microG apk for its reproduction.
  21. Greetings forum, download the rom but when I set up the email account it throws a credential error, when in fact everything is fine ... there is some solution to it.