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  1. Urgently! Lost Android Contacts!

    If you have synced your contacts with your google account, then you can easy to restore them from it. Otherwise, you need to use Android contacts recovery tool to help you recover contacts from your Android device. Here are two links on how to recover contacts, hope helpful: https://www.android-mobile-manager.com/resources/recover-deleted-contacts-from-android-phones.html https://www.samsung-messages-backup.com/resources/recover-deleted-contacts-from-samsung-phone.html https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KD9XqEyX3HY
  2. Essential Android Software

    game app, mail app, chat app, photo app, music app, clean app, etc.
  3. Recovering deleted data from a Android phone.

    If you deleted files have been overwriiten by new data, you can't get them back though with recovery tools.
  4. China Phone Discussion [Part 2]

    Huawei is nice cost-effective Android brand
  5. Problem moving Contacts

    Yes, you can store your contacts in SD card and then put the SD card on your new phone, or you can sync your contacts with gmail and restore them on your new phone, you can also save the contacts manually if the contacts are not many.
  6. I once factory reset the device but can still scan the data with Recuva. To make sure the data being erased permanently, you'd better use a safe Android eraser app to do it. Try this guide: How to Wipe Everything on Android without Restore