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  1. @ nutsda do we have a way to extract this system android oreo (8.0)? I am alive. I wish you success. :) :) ;)
  2. I can not wait to try the new version of nudsta I am really grateful for the improvements. I will give feedback for new releases as soon as possible. we are looking forward to new updates .. :)) My english is not so good :(
  3. I do not have a problem with echoing just whatsApp when I get the loudspeakers during the talk @nutsda charge problem I can not use in balance I have to use it in constant saving mode. @nutsda will be refreshing from the recent beta of the latest update in revenue.
  4. Bro rom is playing perfectly. Thanks for your work. Rom isnt playing feature now Just if i meet the declaration. I am waiting impatiently. Rom is really good. When do you think plan to update? Note: notification light is not working. İf you fix, i am happy