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  1. Nomu S10 Pro  IP68+ Rating 

    I always know that the S10 Pro hows a stable structure, and the waterproof properties are good. But I'm surprised at the freezing of the NOMU S10 Pro.
  2. Nomu T18 Walikie– Talkie smartphone

    Love its excellent tri-proof capacity, and also love its NFC function. I go out a lot, it’s troublesome to take many stuff, like money, payment card, etc. This phone is great as it frees me of those messy stuff and withstands rain and mud.
  3. Nomu T18 Walikie– Talkie smartphone

    Nomu T18 fully rugged smartphone features an IP68 design which makes our phone resistant to water, drops, and bumps. Thanks to this, I’ll be able to carry it along anywhere go and use it in any type of environment.
  4. Nomu S10 Pro  IP68+ Rating 

    The phone is good. At first, I couldn’t get used to the pure Android system. But after days’ use, I found it’s really good. I downloaded every App that I like and carefully personalized the phone in my way. Now I love it even more.
  5. Nomu S10 Pro  IP68+ Rating 

    Last week, I upgraded the phone to Android 7.0 version. I feel the phone is much better after the upgrading. The speed is faster, and running more smooth, the UI is more beautiful. I love it more
  6. Nomu T18 Walikie– Talkie smartphone

    I like the appearance, I think it cool and masculine. Of course, its performance is equally excellent, super waterproof, drop-proof. The unique walkie-talkie function makes it even more charming. It’s absolutely men's genuine smartphone.
  7. Nomu S10 Pro  IP68+ Rating 

    NOMU Smartphones, most professional rugged smartphone with strong intercom function, explosionproof, waterproof and more... NOMU rugged phones made from American military standard materials, perfect communication device for tough works.
  8. Nomu S10 Pro  IP68+ Rating 

    Hello NOMU! I like your rugged phone very much cause they are cool and are of high quality. Now I have S10 Pro and it is the best phone I’ve ever had. It works quick. I can play any game on it. Most of all, the body is very hard and strong. It’s fine no matter how many times I fall it on the ground. And the holding feeling is good, not rough like other rugged phone I used.
  9. Nomu S10 Pro  IP68+ Rating 

    the phone has a MIL-810 standard meaning that the phone is salt, dust, humidity, rain, vibration, solar radiation, transport and thermal shock resistant. Also, the device has an improved IP68 rating that Nomu calls IP68+. The phone can stay underwater of 2 meters for 1 hour, which is really impressive.