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  1. Abducted


    That's excellent news! :-) I'll probably try this ROM this weekend. Thanks!
  2. Abducted


    I'm starting to realize that I should have just gotten the duo version instead of the solo version, even tough I only use one SIM... Are there even other people out there that have the solo?
  3. Cool! :) On the French ACER support site there are different ROMs for the SOLO and the DUO. SOLO = OS_Acer_E350.1.000.16.EMEA.FRS_A40I_A.zip DUO = OS_Acer_E350.1.000.18.EMEA.FR_A40I_A.zip I'm just going to assume the S in FRS stands for SOLO... :) I'm using the one from Vache's server, where i used Acer_AV041_E350_1.000.16_EMEA_FRS.zip and FlashTool to flash it to my Phone. I'll see if i can figure out abd shell and get your those files. :D
  4. Is there a way i can get the original recovery from my phone? Or can you maybe just get it from an original ROM?
  5. Good work and nice guide. :) Will this work the same with the Gallant solo?
  6. Hi i have an ACER Liquid Gallant Solo E350 with ICS as the OS. Today i switched network provider from T-Mobile to Tele2 (The Netherlands). Tele2 doesn't have their own network but uses the T-Mobile network, so now my phone thinks i'm roaming all the time. On the Tele2 website i already noticed you have to enable data roaming to get internet to work. Not a real problem there, just have to remember to disable it when going to another country. However whenever i make a call i get a roaming warning message! And i get this message every time i make call! I read about roaming guard build into ICS, but for some reason it's not under my mobile network settings. I tried an app from the app store that is supposed to unlock hidden settings (for HTC phones from what i understand) but that didn't work, not compatible it said. So is there a way to disable these roaming warning messages? (my phone is rooted) Thanks!
  7. If i'm correct the ACER Liquid Gallant E350 is called the ACER Liquid AK330 in China. On the Chinese ACER website i see ROMs available for the AK330 and the AK330s. I cant find a lot of info about the AK330s but on a certain website it says it's the updated version of the AK330 with better specs. However when i look at those specs they are exactly the same as the Gallant E350 (so i assume also the same as the AK330). Maybe the AK330s is just the solo version? Anyway. I was just curious if these (or one of these) ROMs would be compatible with the E350? Link to the AK330 ROM: OS_Acer_Acer.AV041.AK330.2.001.03.Chin_A40I_A.zip Link to the AK330s ROM: OS_Acer_Acer.AV042.AK330s.1.001.01.Chi_A40I_A.zip The AV041 in the file name of the AK330 ROM matches the E350 ROMs. Both are ICS according to the website.
  8. Abducted

    [ROM] Acer Rom 1.000.18 _EMEA.FR

    And HERE is the one from Taiwan (OS_Acer_E350.1.000.18.TWN.GEN1_A40I_A.zip) These are for the dual sim versions. There is no solo version on the Taiwan website.
  9. Abducted

    PLS SMS - how to disable?!

    I dont have this at all. Are you sure it's something within Android and not just your network operator?
  10. Abducted

    Which headset?

    Not sure what you are asking, shouldn't any headset with mic and a jack connector work? Those should all have triple channel connectors and should be compatible.
  11. Abducted

    Acer Gallant Duo root / hacking tools

    Thanks i'll give it a try, but dont these tools all do the same thing in basicly the same way? ROM Toolbox did work for me before... EDIT: Just installed System Tuner, but also noticed there was an update for ROM Toolbox which i installed. Figured i'd give ROM toolbox another try first, and of course... now it work :D Weird stuff. Maybe it just needed a couple of reboots. Maybe it's the updated version. (didn't mention anything in the "what's new" section about something like this) Either way, it works. :) Me is happy again.
  12. Abducted

    Acer Gallant Duo root / hacking tools

    Nope tried that one too, just to see if it wasn't ROM Toolbox that was messing up. Are you using the French ROM too?
  13. Abducted

    Acer Gallant Duo root / hacking tools

    Oke, didn't want to gamble on trying the flashing root method, so i just rooted my device using the Bin4ry method. However ROM toolbox for some reason cant set my governor to on demand anymore like i used to :( (like with the previous rom). Could this be related to the new ROM?
  14. Abducted

    ACER Gallant E350 ROM

    I have a SOLO and i used the 1.000.16 version from Vache's website. (Which is probably (based on) the same as the one from the French ACER website.) I also used the newer FlashTool from Vache's site, so not the version Paul included in his zip file. If you download the file Acer_AV041_E350_1.000.16_EMEA_FRS.zip from Vache's site and unzip it you can check which files you need to use the FlashTool. Should be exactly all the files in the ROM folder.