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  1. Abducted added a post in a topic [Rom] SUPERSTOCK BUILD #1   

    That's excellent news! :-) I'll probably try this ROM this weekend. Thanks!

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  2. Abducted added a post in a topic [Rom] SUPERSTOCK BUILD #1   

    I'm starting to realize that I should have just gotten the duo version instead of the solo version, even tough I only use one SIM... Are there even other people out there that have the solo?
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  3. Abducted added a post in a topic [CUSTOM ROM] LiquiDuos 2 A.I. PMR by Lucky76 x Acer Liquid Gallant Duo E350   

    Excellent! Thanks a lot! :D
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  4. Abducted added a post in a topic [RECOVERY][Porting] ClockWorkMod by Lucky76 Beta 1   

    Cool! :)
    On the French ACER support site there are different ROMs for the SOLO and the DUO.
    SOLO = OS_Acer_E350.1.000.16.EMEA.FRS_A40I_A.zip
    DUO = OS_Acer_E350.1.000.18.EMEA.FR_A40I_A.zip
    I'm just going to assume the S in FRS stands for SOLO... :)

    I'm using the one from Vache's server, where i used Acer_AV041_E350_1.000.16_EMEA_FRS.zip and FlashTool to flash it to my Phone.

    I'll see if i can figure out abd shell and get your those files. :D
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  5. Abducted added a post in a topic [RECOVERY][Porting] ClockWorkMod by Lucky76 Beta 1   

    Is there a way i can get the original recovery from my phone? Or can you maybe just get it from an original ROM?
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  6. Abducted added a post in a topic [RECOVERY][Porting] ClockWorkMod by Lucky76 Beta 1   

    Good work and nice guide. :)

    Will this work the same with the Gallant solo?
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  7. Abducted added a topic in Android General Discussion   

    How to DISABLE roaming warnings on ICS / ACER Gallant?
    Hi i have an ACER Liquid Gallant Solo E350 with ICS as the OS. Today i switched network provider from T-Mobile to Tele2 (The Netherlands).

    Tele2 doesn't have their own network but uses the T-Mobile network, so now my phone thinks i'm roaming all the time. On the Tele2 website i already noticed you have to enable data roaming to get internet to work. Not a real problem there, just have to remember to disable it when going to another country.

    However whenever i make a call i get a roaming warning message! And i get this message every time i make call!

    I read about roaming guard build into ICS, but for some reason it's not under my mobile network settings. I tried an app from the app store that is supposed to unlock hidden settings (for HTC phones from what i understand) but that didn't work, not compatible it said.

    So is there a way to disable these roaming warning messages? (my phone is rooted)

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  8. Abducted added a topic in General Acer Discussion   

    Chinese ACER AK330/AK330s ROMs compatible?
    If i'm correct the ACER Liquid Gallant E350 is called the ACER Liquid AK330 in China. On the Chinese ACER website i see ROMs available for the AK330 and the AK330s. I cant find a lot of info about the AK330s but on a certain website it says it's the updated version of the AK330 with better specs. However when i look at those specs they are exactly the same as the Gallant E350 (so i assume also the same as the AK330). Maybe the AK330s is just the solo version?

    Anyway. I was just curious if these (or one of these) ROMs would be compatible with the E350?

    Link to the AK330 ROM: OS_Acer_Acer.AV041.AK330.2.001.03.Chin_A40I_A.zip
    Link to the AK330s ROM: OS_Acer_Acer.AV042.AK330s.1.001.01.Chi_A40I_A.zip

    The AV041 in the file name of the AK330 ROM matches the E350 ROMs.
    Both are ICS according to the website.
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  9. Abducted added a post in a topic [ROM] Acer Rom 1.000.18 _EMEA.FR   

    And HERE is the one from Taiwan (OS_Acer_E350.1.000.18.TWN.GEN1_A40I_A.zip)
    These are for the dual sim versions. There is no solo version on the Taiwan website.
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  10. Abducted added a post in a topic PLS SMS - how to disable?!   

    I dont have this at all. Are you sure it's something within Android and not just your network operator?
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  11. Abducted added a post in a topic Which headset?   

    Not sure what you are asking, shouldn't any headset with mic and a jack connector work? Those should all have triple channel connectors and should be compatible.
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  12. Abducted added a post in a topic Acer Gallant Duo root / hacking tools   

    Thanks i'll give it a try, but dont these tools all do the same thing in basicly the same way? ROM Toolbox did work for me before...

    EDIT: Just installed System Tuner, but also noticed there was an update for ROM Toolbox which i installed. Figured i'd give ROM toolbox another try first, and of course... now it work :D

    Weird stuff. Maybe it just needed a couple of reboots. Maybe it's the updated version. (didn't mention anything in the "what's new" section about something like this) Either way, it works. :) Me is happy again.
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  13. Abducted added a post in a topic Acer Gallant Duo root / hacking tools   

    Nope tried that one too, just to see if it wasn't ROM Toolbox that was messing up. Are you using the French ROM too?
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  14. Abducted added a post in a topic Acer Gallant Duo root / hacking tools   

    Oke, didn't want to gamble on trying the flashing root method, so i just rooted my device using the Bin4ry method.
    However ROM toolbox for some reason cant set my governor to on demand anymore like i used to :( (like with the previous rom).
    Could this be related to the new ROM?
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  15. Abducted added a post in a topic ACER Gallant E350 ROM   

    I have a SOLO and i used the 1.000.16 version from Vache's website. (Which is probably (based on) the same as the one from the French ACER website.)
    I also used the newer FlashTool from Vache's site, so not the version Paul included in his zip file.
    If you download the file Acer_AV041_E350_1.000.16_EMEA_FRS.zip from Vache's site and unzip it you can check which files you need to use the FlashTool.
    Should be exactly all the files in the ROM folder.
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