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  1. EB Thread

    kelan na ititch :D eikichi
  2. saan na tambayan ko?

    hehehe eikichi
  3. Cleary Type Font - SAP 2 WinCE

    meron sa Airfagev.com or sa customcabbage.uk 8)
  4. Voyager bluetooth problem

    nwawala tlga young file na more than 300 kb sa bluetooth, kung bakit dko din alam isa iting malaking misteryo hehehe :twisted: eikichi
  5. Calendar required

    Autoflight 2.20 can also do this HERE
  6. Beta tester needed for game...

    PM sent sir :D
  7. Smart Mille Bornes Game

    Doh! your right! :evil: hehehe sori for being dumb...yep m loving this game right now... Nice one mate! :P
  8. Smart Mille Bornes Game

    I like it very much good work! although its quite easy, how bout adding a difficulty settings as well..and a highscore board 8)

    If you have read the forum guidelines, you will know that what you have posted might get you in trouble mate... :shock:
  10. i'm confused - newbie

    orange works best for me,didnt xperience hanging, gotta love that orange plugin...its actually more of a personal prefence, try other roms such as i-mate or qtek,and see which suits you.. Posted from my SmartPhone!
  11. apps from smart

    Nope...as sir braggy have said its hard coded in the rom so, even if you perform a hardreset it still there
  12. Tambayan Thread

    hello mga repapeeps!!! pano po mghard reset? hehehhe joke lng -eikichi-
  13. (old) closed testing

    Registered... Username: mikeydj1229 tnx!
  14. i like it, u really captured the ambience of xmas there... hoping for the english version :)