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  1. USB keyboard not working

    Thats the Ebay pic
  2. Vega accessories

    Hmmm, you're not saying that you bought an official toshiba folio case are you? If you have bought the official Vega case I am surprised at the bad fit as mine fits perfectly with no suggestion of possibly falling out....
  3. Vega accessories

    As was pointed out on, err, the previous page, that keyboard case is for a different tablet and will block the USB port, which kind of makes it pointless for the Vega
  4. Houston we have a problem

    It finally worked for me when I held the power down for only about 1.5 seconds... I think if the screen backlight comes on you've gone too far!
  5. Hmmm, My Vega won't boot.

    Ok got there! My '2 second' press on the power button needed to be about 1.5 seconds!!
  6. Hmmm, My Vega won't boot.

    Yep, following it to the letter and have tried on my Windows 7 laptop and my XP laptop... I hold the back button for 2 seconds, then power, while keeping the back button held.... release the power button after 2 seconds and keep the back button held for a further 2 seconds. All that happens is when I press the power button, the backlight comes on, but then nothing. Its connected via USB and plugged into the charger the whole time. I am beginning to think its kaput
  7. Hmmm, My Vega won't boot.

    Thats what I was trying to say earlier, no new device is being registered...
  8. Hmmm, My Vega won't boot.

    But thats the 'back' button, 'power' button', 'back' button thing though? Does that actually do something, cos the screen just stays blank (but backlit) on mine?
  9. Hmmm, My Vega won't boot.

    Thanks!! Ok will try it when the download finishes!
  10. Hmmm, My Vega won't boot.

    Hmmm, you sure? The Vega is not registering via USB when I turn it on.... also, it appears the download I had of the update file is on my work laptop, which is at work and the link on myadventvega,co.uk is broken - anyone got the update file handy?
  11. Hmmm, My Vega won't boot.

    Hmmm, might be being thick, but how can I put the 1.04 back on if I can't get into recovery mode, or it won't boot?
  12. Hmmm, My Vega won't boot.

    Same thing has just happened to mine - I have LauncherPro and Clockworkmod Recovery too.... unfortunately I can't get it into recovery - is there a trick I am missing with the button pressing?!? Help!
  13. Possible to keep wifi on while Vega in standby?

    Is that strictly true that it will eat into the battery that much? I leave my wifi on all the time on my Desire and it uses little more battery than being connected to 3G (perhaps even less as its not hunting for a 3G signal when I am at home). Would at least like the option so I can test - Of course, you can always leave your Vega plugged into the mains and set it so the screen does not turn off.
  14. Vega accessories

    Hmmm, numerous rather silly ideas really... not sure the dashboard mount would be good for the Vega, given the viewing angle ;-)
  15. Vega accessories

    Personally think the idea of a car mount is a bit silly really... especially if its a windscreen mounted one!! Can just imagine it being stuck on for all of 5 minutes then falling off, possibly doing some damage! lol