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  1. eL_Jee added a post in a topic OEMINFO-Hack-Tool-v10 (install any update.app) [20/03/2013]   

    Exactly the same problem here. Bricked my Y300-0100 by using v10 of this tool.

    Only working thing is the Vol +- method to flash an update.app, but they all fail at ~1/4th.

    Hope a solution will be found!

    For other Y300-0100 users, don't use v10 of this tool!!! I've seen multiple ppl brick their device.
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  2. eL_Jee added a post in a topic [ROM][GEN2/3][31.10.] CyanogenMod 9 - KonstaKANG (Android 4.0.4)   

    Updated to the latest version few days ago.
    I've experienced two issues since:

    - My phone won't unlock anymore. The touchscreen is not responive on the lockscreen. Hardwarebuttons do respond though. Solved after wiping cache yesterday, but issue popped up again today.

    - Last night 'android operating system' consumed 488MB, emptying my entire account (I pay per MB).

    Any suggestions fixing either of these problems? Thanks!
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