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  1. zarquon

    Nokia Lumia 800 and 710 Tango update

    I have found the answer to my question. According to the Nokia web site "You can find product code information on the label on the back of your phone's SIM card holder" I advise you to find a magnifying glass if like me you need reading glasses.
  2. zarquon

    Nokia Lumia 800 and 710 Tango update

    According to the Nokia web site http://www.nokia.com...ability/?page=3 Lumia 800 updates are now available for BT, Vodafone, T-Mobile and Orange but not O2 or 3 yet. I should add that Zune or the phone its self doesn't know about it yet. However I do have a question. There are two product codes listed for Orange (as there are for other networks) and if the update had only been approved for one code and not the other, how would I know which code my phone was? I have looked around the settings of my phone but can't find any reference to a product code.
  3. zarquon

    Leakage: More WM7 Goodness?

    It wouldn't be the first time a major update from Microsoft got a small increment in version number, for those who can remember (and I think I can) back to NT3.5 and NT3.51. Also more recently Windows 2000 to Windows XP. The underlying version numbers were 5.0 and 5.1 It goes on with Windows Server 2003 as 5.2, Vista being 6.0 and Windows 7 is 6.1.
  4. Sorry to be picky... a Paul Apptodate update or a GPSWorld database update?
  5. Updated the updateer and updated the cameras... all went okay... must remember to delete the files. Ran attached to my PC through company internet connection without problem.
  6. Hi Paul Downloaded the app, did the detail bit on the web and downloaded that, installed okay and ran it, The file down loaded and the extracted csv files ended in the right place. I see the ao*.* files are still there but a manual delete of those won't hurt... £1? how about 90p :) Regards Richard
  7. The files are called: aocattyp.dat aopoi.dat aopoi.fts aopoi.gdx aopoi.gnf aopoi.gnx aopoi.nms aopoi.tdx aopoi.tst aotyp.dat Looking around the co-pilot files, in the places folder, there are exactly the sames files without the "ao" on the front. These files are larger and are presumably the main places of interest for the application. There is one additional file called poi.imp which has zero size and I do not recollect ever seeing a aopoi.imp. You wouldn't have to worry about cleaning up the csv files as they disappear after the import is done on the next start of co-pilot. regards Richard
  8. Hi Paul This would be good. :) but I fear I may be a problem. I have co-pilot 7 on a TyTN II and I use the UK- consolidated File. Once the file is unzipped I copy the csv files ed to \Storage Card\copilot\EU\Save. You also have to delete ao*.* from that folder when co-pilot is off and the csv files are imported the next time you start the app. Regards Richard
  9. I have 2 days left on the trial of the suite and I am trying to decide weather to buy or not. I am running it from the storage card on an (Orange) TyTN II with Mobile 6.1 and it is commendably smooth, stable and fast enough that you don't start tapping your fingers. I haven't tried the weather application and like Paul I would probably not bother with the keyboard although I found that the predictive text did work. The phone and calendar are fine, but I have a couple of issues with the SMS-Chat. I am not yet convinced by the threaded format that is now standard in 6.1, so Vito are up against it before I start. Having said that the programme is smooth and does what it says. My only complaint is that you can't seem to access the spell check or the delivery receipt option. The main shell is again smooth and fast and the "slide to unlock" feature is excellent. It would be better if the battery status icon took you to the power settings; I had to add that icon. The only real problem I had with the main shell is that I have my phone set to lock if not used for 2 hours and you have to enter the pin to regain use. The shell seams to recognise this and doesn't present the "slide to unlock" feature, but masks the pin pad with the shells "home" screen. It didn't take me long to work out what was happening and if you can remember where the buttons are the pin pad does work, the number buttons showing as you press them. Finally something killed a fully charged battery overnight on three occasions over the last 12 days. After the first time I made sure all applications were closed but it still happened again. It would be unfair to blame Vito for this as it has happened four or five times before since I got the phone last March for reasons I have yet to determine, but not so frequently. It may be the Vito software is "touching" something within the OS that causes this. Typing this has probably convinced me not to buy, but I will look out for and trial the next version.
  10. zarquon

    Orange £1 Daily Web Bundle for Laptop Access

    Sounds like a dirty database to me as you suggest. Or a left over from an early trial... or who provided/provides GNER/NXEC wifi, that's a combination of satellite and gsm I think. I like trains :D , I read a couple of train magazines (The UK railways are the best soap opera going) but my knowledge is not deep enough to know where to look for a definitive answer on this. I think I should probably stop now and go and attend to my SQL2005 server.
  11. zarquon

    Time sync option

    Why not go to "clocks and alarms" and select Visiting and set that correctly for local time where you are. The base time of the phone remains UK so no problem with active sync. I have no experience of this I am just assuming that is what that function is for.
  12. zarquon

    Orange £1 Daily Web Bundle for Laptop Access

    It should probably be changed to Network Rail now and my guess is it is for GSM-R, which is the Railway's new secure radio network enabling singlers to driver communication etc. It is been in the planning for about 7 or 8 years and has been recently trailed in parts of Scotland. The roll-out across the network is over the next few years.
  13. zarquon

    Web mail with text alerts

    The company I work for is currently on Orange and one of the features a couple of us use are the free text alerts from our orange web mail accounts. Do T-mobile offer this service? The reason I ask is a third party reseller is offering our FD more minutes for less money and a chunk of cash back in 6 months. Our FD is tempted, and I don't trust a third party reseller not to answer all my questions with a "yes" to get the business. I have to admit that as long as I can keep my number I'm not overly bothered except, I think 24 month contracts are a mistake and T-Mob don't have a phone I want (I am not saying they have a bad range, nobody has the phone I want). I currently use a M5000 and there is nothing to replace it with... I am waiting for the Omni. regards Richard
  14. As the lucky so-and-so ;) who won a copy at last year's summer event, I will purchase the upgrade. I have found it more useful than I thought it would be especially with the addition of the camera database. The availability of the traffic data is also very tempting... not being on t-mob this was not available with v6
  15. zarquon

    Business user of Windows Mobile? WIN with MoDaCo!

    And don't say that you sell them, which while I potentually can only one of the six or seven devices I have purchased was for a client and that was 18 months ago.