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  1. SMSonTime

    Hi all. New version has been released. Plz check my first post in thread. Regards, Quanta
  2. does anyone know? from where i can change my SPV C550 windows Font Size in registry??? Every font in windows is slightly big after i installed some software.
  3. SMSonTime

    Hi All, me Again Try, this New version of SMSonTime for WM6,6.1. I have added some basic functions which were missing in earlier versions. New Features ----------------- • Pick Contacts from the Phonebook • Request Message Delivery Notification • Send Schedule SMS with phone specific DateTime format. ;) SmsOnTimeCAB.zip
  4. SMSonTime

    I am still unable to provide that option :D , but you can get a new version of SMSonTime for WM5 here http://www.spv-developers.com/forum/showth...light=smsontime Regards, Quanta
  5. I tried Flight mode, but got the same error. ;)
  6. After setting "internet connection" to "pass through connection", it gave me the error message to configure Dialup and Proxy settings.I configured it, but still no success.
  7. How can i use MSN Messenger and Outlook in SPV C550 on Passthrough connection. When i signup, it starts using my GPRS instead of my PC Internet connection.
  8. SMSonTime

    No, my friend it works only on windows based smatphones. But, i will try in future to build it for WM5 PocketPCs :) .
  9. SMSonTime

    Now, SMSonTime is avialable for QVGA screens. Enjoy.... :) SMSonTime_QVGA_.zip
  10. I wrongly posted my software in Smartphone Development - .net Compact Framework category, that's why posting it here :oops: http://www.modaco.com/index.php?showtopic=230471&st=
  11. SMSonTime

    1.It does not go to the your contacts, because this option is not yet available(may be in future) 2.Strange... :roll: maybe, because of your Windows version or your are using old version of my applicatioion. 3. :shock: Just enter your DATE and TIME in "Delivery Time and Date" field OR press menu and then press "Paste DT", it will automatically paste current date and time in it, you have to just edit it according to your need. Regards, Quanta
  12. SMSonTime

    No feedbacks............... :cry: :exclaim:
  13. SMSonTime

    So,improve new version is here... Features -------- * Message character counter. * No need to type Date and Time.just press "Paste DT" from Menu. * No flickering text. Hope you like. SMSonTime_ver1.1.zip
  14. SMSonTime

    I didn't check it on WM5, but i think it should work on WM5. What u mean by "MRU". :?:
  15. SMSonTime

    If anyone used it, please tell me whether it is working perfectly or not and what should i include in it to make it more usefull. :|