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  1. My Wondows Mobile 6.1 (on HTC TyTNII) seems to have developed a fault whereby each time I open up messaging it then automatically sends a previously sent text to one of my friends, she thinks she received about 50 of the same message. I've rebooted but no change, so I've now deleted all messages in my inbox and outbox and will see if that fixes it. Anyone else had similar problems?
  2. In settings > memory on my SPV M3100 it shows the following values: STORAGE Total: 48.71MB In use: 20.66MB Free: 28.05MB PROGRAM Total: 48.96MB In use: 32.41MB Free: 16.55MB I compared this to the values in my old SPV M2000: STORAGE Allocated: 63MB In use: 16MB Free: 47MB PROGRAM Allocated: 63MB In use: 16.4MB Free: 46.5MB So it seems I have less memory available in my SPV M3100 then the old SPV M2000, I was expecting it to be either more or the same? Can anyone explain this to me please?
  3. Downloaded, installed, and tested. Marvellous, what a quick result, thank you so much!
  4. The on/off button on my SPV C500 has broken, is there anyway to reboot Windows, or soft reset, without using the on/off button, like Ctrl+Alt+Del on a PC? I have a Task manager installed but see no option for rebooting.
  5. The access point connects to the default gateway router and that router has an ip of Ok I've removed the proxy settings. In the connections for: "Programs that automatically connect to the internet should connect using:" and "Programs that automatically connect to a private network should connect using:" I have "My Work Network" selected. Under Proxy Settings should "This network connects to the Internet" be checked? I assume so. But there seems no where to define the ip of my default gateway.
  6. I was struggling to connect my SPV M2000 to my network via a DLink access point. I couldn't see where to enter the default gateway information. Not understanding much about proxy server settings, I tried entering the default gateway address of in the proxy server settings, and this enabled me to connect to my local webserver at address but not to the internet. Not sure what setting has now changed but when I now try to connect to it asks me for a user name and password. Can anyone advise on settings required please for connecting to the internet via an access point on a LAN?
  7. TCPMP

    I've downloaded various files from the list for Windows Mobile including tcpmp.arm.cabs.0.71.zip, copied to my c500 storage card and tried unzipping but each time it says invalid zip archive.
  8. O2 and C500

    I've just phoned O2 on 08705678678 (uk) and they have now added the GPRS & Multimedia "Preferences" to my payg account, apparently the customer has to request these services, they are not automatically added. It takes 24hrs to take effect, so I will try the connection tomorrow.
  9. O2 and C500

    Been through the settings for O2 PAYG several times but can't seem to make Internet Explorer work. For IE settings if I select the network to be "the internet" in the top right hand corner I get the bar graph with two arrows and it says "Finding site"; after I select stop and the red phone button I get my balance and see that the connection has cost money but nothing displayed. If I select the network for IE to be WAP then I get the 'G' in the top right and it says "Connecting ..." but never does; when stop is clicked then no money seems to have been used. How do the settings for free GPRS as described at http://www.esato.com/archive/t.php/t-71025 relate to the settings here?
  10. GPRS on O2

    I'm also having problems getting my C500 connecting to GPRS on O2 with PAYG. I installed the Arcsoft cab file sucessfully but when I tried to connect I was getting the error "Unable to place call". I made a few changes using seetings found at http://www.modaco.com/lofiversion/index.php/t4861-100.html and with explorer I'm now getting "Finding site", but no 'G' symbol.