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  1. Battery life SUCKS. Just me?

    OK, so turns out this is just me......Tesco tech suppport have concluded this is a faulty battery and have authorised a swap to a new one. Happy with that. Cheers
  2. Battery life SUCKS. Just me?

    Hey, So I've had my Hudl since launch day and have had a very poor experience with its battery life. I followed the original first-time charging instructions. To be fair, I'm new to Android (and have to say I love it), so maybe there's something really obvious happening. Here's what's happening: 1) I fullly 100% charged my Hudl at 5.30 last night. 2) Switched on Airplane mode. 3) Used for 10 minutes with HDMI out. 4) Switched screen off and went to bed. 5) This morning, 10am the battery life @ 30% 6) Battery control panel says "Tablet Idle" was the top drainer @ 66%. Any help massively appreciated. Thanks!
  3. TomTom 5 Mobile & C500 Problems

    Another pint from me too - James - you are a star!
  4. SPV C500 & TomTom Mobile 5 - How?

    Then it definately looks like I have the wrong software version. There ARE no .exe's, nor is there a 2577 folder. Where did you get your software? Thanks.
  5. Hi, I have just bought TomTom mobile 5 from ebay and have the following question: Is there a different version for Symbian based and Windows Based, or is TomTom written in Java or something? I basically have copied all of the files onto the Phones memory card and nothing happens - no menu, nothing. What do I have to do to get into the TomTom app and is this even possible if I have an incorrect version? Examples of the files I've copied onto the card: System\Apps\ TTMOBILE.APP TREMOR.DLL TTMOBILE.aif TTMOBILE.RSC TTMOBILE.mbm TomTom\ data.chk Voices\ data04.chk data04.vif etc etc Should I be complaining that they've sent me the wrong thing? Thanks, James.