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  1. diggerbucket

    w411y - Sky

  2. diggerbucket

    Weekend Project: Try Google Music cloud streaming outside the US

    Still uploading, and plenty to go yet.... it's at times like this the disparity between download and upload speeds on ADSL becomes evident...
  3. diggerbucket

    Weekend Project: Try Google Music cloud streaming outside the US

    Absolutely brilliant, worked a treat, thanks! Gonna take about 6 days non-stop to upload everything though!
  4. Mine is still showing up in that stupid threaded view, and there's nothing under that options menu?
  5. diggerbucket

    MWg Zinc II and MWg Atom V deets leak

    Wooo looks like I just found my next phone :( Any ideas on release date?
  6. diggerbucket

    How should I handle this

    Sounds very similar to the conversation I had with them!
  7. diggerbucket

    How should I handle this

    Orange customer service stinks ;)
  8. diggerbucket

    How should I handle this

    Just come across a bit of an issue with my tariff..... Last month I used a lot more texts than usual and had an expensive bill. So I went onto my Orange account online and upgraded to a new tariff with more texts. The website said as long as it was 5 days before billing dat, there was no need to call, it would all be processed for the next months bill. All good. That was 3 weeks ago, and now when I logged in today it says I'm still on the old one ;) I'm gonna have a damn expensive bill unless they can backdate the tariff change to the start of this billing month. What re the chances of them doing it?
  9. What you are doing there is just bridging the internal connection so you're just hearing one channel but through both headphones. So you have sound on both sides but it's not stereo.
  10. diggerbucket

    Wifi adapter

    Right enough, I've just been trying to do this and when the wireless tries to connect, activesync automatically disconnects, presumably to free up the IP address.
  11. At the top of the homescreen there is the usual G symbol to indicate GPRS is available - what does it mean when this changes to an E?
  12. diggerbucket

    What's Your Ringtone? :lol:

    My favourites are the start of Monkeywrech by the Foo Fighters, and the theme from Chemical Plant Zone on Sonic 2. 8)