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  1. I had a go after lunch... Updated from b927 with the normal update procedure from sdcard. Everything went smoothly and no problems. The startup welcome screen is different from b927 and after 2 hours i think the overall experience is way more smoother. Lets see...
  2. I believe the version increment is mainly in the kernel version and gapps updated to latest. The bugs are from ics code and i dont think huawei will bother to mess around with the os code.
  3. If you flashed the vendor update in previous version it will remain if you upgrade because it is in a separate partition.
  4. I stopped by to see the progress... Dindt anyone learned that the vendor update is meant to be flashed as well?
  5. Im on a new car audio project and cant give attention to this topic. But its good to know that newer version is out. Maybe next week ill try it.
  6. 241 hours and going without a hiccup.
  7. I think the most clean gb rom is b894. Well im with 169 hours and counting. Today was a busy day, plenty of phone calls and emails, used navigation to find a client, check some pdfs and accessing the corporate intranet. Battery was charged all night and now i still have about 25% With this uptime i consider the os pretty stable.
  8. I have exchange on stock b927...
  9. 142 Hours and running flawlessly.
  10. My contribution, i have 63 hours uptime. B927 and nothing to report.
  11. As the title says, post you uptime. How far can you go? This info is inside settings, phone status. You can always post a screenshot... Dont forget to mention what rom you are running.
  12. Thats what i tried to say... Without opengl the animations would not have that look and feel. I said when needed because if an app devel doesnt go for 3d hardware accel in the code, then opengl isnt needed or something like that. I tried force gpu in developer options and the battery drained faster.
  13. And when opengl is implemented globally and permanentely people will complain about battery life... Opengl is present and running on ics b927... only when needed!
  14. rsrocha

    [ICS] Found U8815 B927 ROM

    And please be sure to install the vendor update after the main one. This ics rom was designed to work with the vendor update installed as any other rom from huawei.