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  1. Rooting the SGS2

    In short. Yes. Sent by raven.
  2. Which launcher

    LauncherPro. Imo.
  3. .........................................
  4. C500 wont start !

    Thanx alot mate.. the hard reset did the trick.. :)
  5. C500 wont start !

    Well, in order to reinstall the update the phone needs to be on and connected via active sync. but since the phone wont start that is not an option...
  6. After installing the "patch" i restarted the phone, only it would not do so.. After the Orange start screen the windows mobile screen appears for some 30 seconds and then it restarts and goes back to the orange screen, then to the windows mobile and so on.. back and forth... ??? Anyone knows what to do ???? thanx