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  1. nuttyphilt

    Unlock your Pulse for $19.99 (~£14)

    Exact same for me. Currently using an Australian Telstra SIM...
  2. Yep, I had one for about a week. The optical joystick thingy was possibly the worst most frustrating thing I've ever used :) How it got past the design stage I'll never know...
  3. nuttyphilt

    Sony Ericsson announce Xperia X2

    After the shambles of the X1 does anyone care???
  4. nuttyphilt

    Introducing... the HTC Touch HD

    Yes, it does, it has the Internet Sharing application.
  5. Like it. This could tempt me away from my E71. The hardware of the E71 is great but S60 is so-so, WM Standard is much much better... Having had a QWERTY device for a while now I've tried to use a non-QWERTY device recently and I don't like it so this'll be perfect for me!
  6. nuttyphilt

    HTC's 2009 Products leaked

    Pictures of the HTC Maple here: http://translate.google.com/translate?prev...history_state0= Looks good, looks like it could be the replacement for my E71...
  7. nuttyphilt

    HTC's 2009 Products leaked

    I'm liking the look of the 3G Excalibur. I like my Nokia E71 but would definitely be tempted back to WM Standard if it has a similar form factor as the E71. Nokia hardware is great, but S60 is not the best...
  8. nuttyphilt

    HTC's 2009 Products leaked

    I have a Voice Messenger too. It'd be a great phone if it wasn't for the stupid optical joystick - why they had to ruin it with that instead of sticking a regular d-pad on it I'll never know...
  9. That's excellent, it was the one thing holding me back, now I just need to get me an external DVD reader... :lol:
  10. nuttyphilt

    Introducing... the HTC Touch HD

    Is it just me or is the Orange website terrible? For heaven's sake it's supposed to want to make you spend money not immediately close your browser down!
  11. I really want one! But seeing as I'm not back in the UK for another 6 weeks I'm hoping prices will settle down a bit and it might even be out at a good price on one of the operators by the time I'm back...
  12. I don't have an external DVD but I have an 8GB USB key - do you think I could put the Kalaway installer on this and install from the key instead? Edit: Or even from a 'regular' external hard drive?