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  1. any idea when this is going to go live at 3?
  2. Thats odd... because I have lollipop 5.1 from Cynaogenmod on my device... Didn't realise three still roamed to Orange, certainly my Note2 never managed it, so I turned roaming off. With all the 3rd party roms, my device is now depressingly stable. In fact I can't recall the last time I had to reboot it to sort any problems... the only glitch I have is with BBC Iplayer streaming, but I can live with that.
  3. In quite a lot of markets.. the number 4 is considered unlucky... like the number 13 in the UK/US, so quite a few companies skip the number 4 in product lines.
  4. PAYG/Contract/Sim Only Budget Location Needs Important features anything that could give a clue as to what would be a good option for you?
  5. The activitystate (walking, driving etc) has been in Automate it for a few weeks now (although its still labelled as experimental, Not sure if it uses the Geofencing though. Tasker has an amazing amount of power, but it has a steep learning curve and is tricky to get going, automate it (and llama) aren't as powerful, but are a lot easier to pick up and use. If you've managed to get into tasker, this looks like a great add in Hopefully these features will come in to other software (or even better Tasker will get a UI overhall to make it more user friendly.
  6. hmm... downloading the gapps package from the first post, however chrome/google are saying that it contains malware. Rom package downloads fine, any ideas/comments?
  7. Just getting round to downloading v3 now... again... thanks for all your work on this. It really is appreciated
  8. As there aren't many note users here... perhaps asking the question where you have seen those threads and posts would be a better option.
  9. I'm a bit confused about why this is good news for Blackberry... On their own platform, BBM is a good thing. People buy Blackberrys because they like BBM, and hence BBM makes them money. However if this is free on other devices, it doesn't make them any money at all... it just costs them money to run the service and they don't get anything back. And they'll lose customers and Blackberry users will be able to get other devices and keep BBM (or am I missing something completely obvious?)
  10. Thanks for letting me know... i'll keep an eye open for it :)
  11. Whatever you end up going for... let us know how you get on.. :)
  12. Not sure, if you're talking to yourself... or to me.. but I still stand by my responce that using those devices with podcasts (using the built in player, jet player or VLC) i haven't come across any of the problems you're using. Not using tasker for this as all i do is click on the BT icon, and then pick the device i want to pair with. both media and phone connect straight away. No problems, no drop outs, no freezing no problems. I assume you've deleted the pairings on the device, and recreated them. with my Mw600 i also need to clear the pairing at the headset end.
  13. I've got one of these... you have to run a micro usb cable between the stand and the phone.. but it works great for charging and syncing... and it works with virtually any phone.
  14. If its a fake, i'd have no way of knowing simply by looking at the picture and details. It might be a genuine Kingston card, or it might be a fake Kingston card. Which is why (although I love ebay for a lot of things) I'd NEVER use it for flash memory. I'd either buy it from a reputable physical store, or an online retailer who i can trust. (I've used 7dayshop in the past)
  15. It sounds like the sort of thing that happens with a fake memory card. There's a lot of them about, and although things look fine when you are copying to the card, when you try and read the data back, then you suddenly notice Here's a couple of links on the subject, If it was me, i'd throw the card away, and replace it with something i know is completely genuine from a reputable dealer

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