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    [ROM][ICS-B952]Slim ROM

    Thank You
  2. Test007

    [ROM][ICS-B952]Slim ROM

    Very good ROM, but I think that stock battery icon should looks better than this a bit ugly circle mod, so anybody know how I can change it to stock battery icon ? Thanks
  3. Yes, you're right, but I think that if it is true 1500mAh then everybody want have more (even few minutes) battery life. Sometimes few minutes can save your life ;-)
  4. Anybody tried this one ? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1500mAh-Battery-For-ZTE-Vip-Droid-II-Blade-II-Li3715T42P3h415266-Avail-Fury-/181109358242?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&hash=item2a2af57ea2
  5. Yeah...indeed very easy...I'm sure that is many many things which are not easy for you or you need time for learning how to do, so...this is the same situation. There are hundreds reasons why people can't made builds from source, but I just wanted know if Dazzozo definately don't want release new builds. Of course he doesn't owe nothing anyone, but everybody know that he have experience, so he know how to do professional...As I said before - I don't expect miracle, but could be very nice to see new build which contain latest CM improvements from time to time...that's all.
  6. rymate1234 are you his lawyer or something ? Anyway what a development is without new builds and where people can see any results ? On His machine ? So...please stop kidding me and one more time I wanted to ask Dazzozo about new builds. Dazzozo can you confirm, that you definately don't want release new builds for Crescent ? Good to see clear situation...
  7. No Dazzozo ! No, no and again no !!! You are wrong...probably you not understood me...I just...trying (don't know why) to persuade you to continue your work because as I said most people still have Crescent devices and you know it. But OK, if you don't want continue...it is your decision and I respect it.
  8. Yeah...Congrats man ;-) Fortunately not all think like you...if it was, everyone would have the latest phone, but as I see roms for even older than Crescent machines are still released and developers do it not for money...Of course no one is perfect...Apparently users of Crescent phones demand too much from you...for free...Yes man, for free. Och...so you expect to be a millionaire ? What a rich idiots still read this topic and had hope for new builds...? Ech man... Anyway thank you for your hard work. P.S. Maybe time to change your signature...ancient hardware not looking good there...
  9. And I thank you for above gbosh ;-) I know that our Crescent and many other devices based on ARM6 are oficially dead and no longer supported, however still many many people have Crescent for various reasons, which are not relevant at the moment. Please don't send these people to shop for new phones, maybe not all of them are so rich...maybe other reasons...I don't know and I don't really care. I use Crescent as my spare phone for example, because I live abroad and use this phone with SIM from my country. Anyway...I do not run the war with Dazzozo or anybody, just understand many impatient people because I myself belong to them ;-) I respect hard work Dazzozo with this ROM, but if someone else tried doing something...why not ? As I see for many people this phone will alive as long as possible and let it be... And at this point I wanted to apologize everybody for big offtopic. For Dazzozo - man if you want still continuing your work I am sure that everyone here will be delighted.
  10. Indeed Dazzozo...because long waiting kills...faith...this is worse than death of our devices I don't want twist your arguments, I just want believe that your builds are needed. You know how to do, so please do it and don't tell me that you prefer this ridiculous discussions. I would like to see just fully functional ROM on my phone, then I'll be happy to say Thank you very much for your hard work and maybe donate as well. It is simple...
  11. One moment Dazzozo - Let me know something...are you author of the android ? I expect that the answer is NO, so...you get the source code from google and/or cyanogenmod team, compiled on your machine, published the final work and...stopped updating for long long time, then when someone wanted help and give us new improved build, now you want all of fame and donations ? I can't say that this is fair...can you ? Of course I understand that code included some improvements which made by you or another people, so I can only say thank you for that, but please don't blame people which want to help and doing good job for people which waiting for new improved versions of roms. How many times someone ask about working youtube, camera and other things ? Not all have knowledge and experience even for compiling rom only, so we welcome everyone who can do it. This is my opinion, thanks for attention.
  12. Sure Dazzozo, everybody know that is your work (or almost everybody ;-) ), so why you not been putting out newer builds ? You know that we all are waiting for...so no surprise that someone did something what you don't. Please don't forget about people with crescent phones even if you have new phone, otherwise this topic will be dead...but I think, that is to early for this phone. Thank you.
  13. OK, I did some more tests on my SFII and...what can I say...build 30.11.12 working stable and relatively fast. Bluetooth works (I check pairing and file transfer), wifi as well. GPS find satelites quick (no longer than 10 sec with installed FasterGPS from android market), also youtube in HQ works. Of course I see sometimes little yellow artifacts, but overall they not interfere in action. For me at the moment this is the best usable ROM. Battery life looks good, with new kernel we can use SmartassH3 - one of the best balanced governor for our crescent, so what we can want more ? Good job MadEye :-) I understand that is not your rom, however you are person who succesfully compiled and shared the rom with new ability and functionality, so big thanks for you, because as I see no one continues to work on this project.
  14. You can use any partition manager which support linux ext partitions or flash CWM Recovery, then advanced menu -> partition SD Card. Remember backup your content of SD Card ! Then install CM10 and modified version S2E for JB, run it, go to settings and check "Mount as ext4". After reboot you can move apps, private apps, aplication data and dalvik cache to your ext partition.