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  1. How to flash to the standard UK ROM

    Brilliant - That sorted it Thanks
  2. How to flash to the standard UK ROM

    Many thanks for the reply Moezt I've got the same problem - installed drivers fine in normal mode and drivers not found in bootloader. what do you mean by reinstall/repair? pete
  3. How to flash to the standard UK ROM

    Hi Paul Thanks your work on this, much appreciated! :) Just a quick question, I bought my Moto G from Tesco today. I've downloaded your file and unzipped it on my windows 7 machine. I then put the phone in boot loader and plugged it into the computer and a dialog comes up stating device not recognised - and in device manager there is a yellow triangle with Falcon S as the usb device - with driver not found. When I clicked on the flash-windows.bat the dialog box appears saying waiting for device. Can you tell me which driver I need to get Windows to recognise my Moto G? Many thanks in advance :D
  4. Getting music players to read from the Micro SD card

    Just a 8gb one fo me I'm afraid - though I just bought a 32gb one from amazon. I'm waiting to hear if the 64gb cards work aswell. Cheers Pete
  5. Getting music players to read from the Micro SD card

    Thanks for the reply and suggestion. I tried winamp and few other music players yesterday and none of them worked. However I eventually found a solution, by rebooting the phone suddenly all of the mp3 files were playable to the music players. Thanks again Topcat Pete
  6. Hi everyone I've manged to root my San Diego, install ZOLO ICS, enabled the external SD card and enabled mass storage so that can view it on my computer. The problem I'm having though is to get any music player to play the mp3 music files I put on the external SD card. Does anyone hve any advice or suggestions? Cheers Pete
  7. [Tool]AIO Tool for San Diego and xolo

    Aaah looks like drop box is working again so I can download the files. Just before I start will I have any compatability problems using Windows XP instead of 7? Cheers Pete
  8. [Tool]AIO Tool for San Diego and xolo

    Hi - I've just purchased my San Diego from my local store and am ready to start putting ICS on it but when i try to download the AIO tool the drop box account says it's been temporarily disabled as it was receiving too much traffic. Is it hosted anywhere else? Also will there be any problems running it on windows XP instead of 7? Cheers Pete
  9. Where to repair water damaged phone?

    Thanks for the replies guys It might be time to cut my losses and get a new phone Cheers Pete
  10. Does anyone know any decent ZTE blade repairers? I managed to drop my mobile in the sea for a brief moment yesterday and washed it with tap water straight away. Unfortunately even though the charging LED still works and there is no obvious signs of damage the phone does not turn on. Is it time for a new phone or can it be repaired? Cheers Pete
  11. I'm up for a screen cover aswell. Thanks for organising the group buy - I'll send my email now :)