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  1. Vibrate

    The Omnia has a great tweek in windows that allows you to stregnthen and indeed regulate the vibrate. I dont have great hearing and rely on the vibrate; unfortunately it's not very strong - not on my touch pro anyway. Can someone please point me to a .cab or tweak. Thanks.
  2. Vodafone Live on HTC Diamond

    If so, could you please post the solution and settings you are using. Thank you!
  3. Omnia keypad lock Bizarre problem

    Thanks for response. It wasnt my only issue and returned the phone for a Touch Pro. Much better
  4. Sorry to start a new thread but I'm desparate to get this working. There's a thread with simple instructions. Install this cab, install Vodafone's wap settings, make sure you select that connection and hey presto - off you go to http://live.vodafone.co.uk or .com and you're in the VF portal with all the mobile TV you could wish for. If only it were that simple. The thread is made of people repeatedly thanking the author, yet it just will not work for me. Still get 'page displayed unrecognisable' or something like that. I KNOW it can be done so can someone troubleshoot for me please Thank you
  5. Vodafone Live Settings?

    I have a touch pro and these instructions could not be simpler. I installed the cab added the wap connection but no luck ;) Just says service unavailable. Why is this so easy for some and impossible for others?
  6. You Tube

    I have been sent the link to the Youtube VGA .cab file. It installs fibe but not sure how it works!! When I search it just says 'no video'. My GPRS is working fine.
  7. You Tube

    Not sure there is one for Touch Pro - just the diamond. dont confuse the 2 as installing Diamond Rom on Pro will cause major issues.
  8. Changing Theme

    Manilla.zip. ...And considering there is only one .cab in there, where's the confusion ;)
  9. Call waiting

    When I'm on the phone and another call comes in I have 2 options. 1) Answer call 2) Ignore. What if I want to end the current call and answer. At the moment, I am answering the call and my previous call is still active! I did once see a "end call and answer" notification but can't remember how I got it. Please help.
  10. Touch Pro

    This won't work on my touch pro - shame. I need a lock app as S2U2 keeps freezing and the sonsorlock is a work once wonder.
  11. Touch Pro

    I tried Sensorlock. Not nearly as good as you hope it would be. Post back how you got on with it. I found myself rotating and rotating ;)
  12. Touch Pro

    It's a great phone - a bit fat but nevertheless, it has it all (almost). You'll want to change/add some things though. Add S2U2 as the phone will answer when you drag it out of your pocket otherwise. You might want to add the HTC Manilla Theme as well, if yours is a VF version like me. Also, again if VF, you wont find YouTube app. Why they removed it, God only knows, but they did. The screen also goes black when you're on a call - annoying if you want to type in numbers when on a call... Enjoy.
  13. You Tube

    Not there... Have VF hidden in it as I can't find it ;) Anyone know where I can get a VGA version of it please?
  14. Changing Theme

    I love you and want your babies. One simple link and .cab install and I'm there. Cheers buddy.
  15. Changing Theme

    OK - I dont want to install HTC Home as I use TouchFlo. But I want to change the Home screen background from white to black and the red VF numbers to White. Surely this is simple...?