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  1. TITANIUM config wm6.5

    ok, tanks it should not be impossible....
  2. TITANIUM config wm6.5

    Rendeiro..... do you know ou to create the cpr file to use this "aplication"? tanks.
  3. dual sim help please

    don't buy it..... you will lose your money!!!! the only dualsim working fine in trinity was this one: i buy it at : Hot-Wire.de and talk to them and send them this picture before order anything, because a friend of mine has buy to them a dual sim but it was not working well (miniSD don't work) and he complain to hotwire and they send this one in previous picture!!!
  4. InvisibleShooter

    hello, can you tell me if it's possible to take the picture whith the front camera? tanks!!!
  5. TITANIUM config wm6.5

    Hello all!!! i have a dualsim on my PDA, and i'm trying to activate a menu to chage sim card (SymToday : http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=302759 ) but i cn't get any success.... can anyone give me a tip to how to acivate it? this program is present in today screen and in regedit, it have some keys: \HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Today\Items\Dual SIM Today\ [sTRING??]DLL - \Program Files\Dual Sim Today\SIMToday.dll [DWORD] enable - 1 [DWORD] Flags - 0 [DWORD] Options - 1 [DWORD] Order - 1 [DWORD] Selectability - 2 [DWORD] Type - 4 any tip to make this working? tanks!!!
  6. V1240 joystick problems?

    hi! i have see this happening not only in your device but in a big lot off smartphone and pocket pc, there is nothing you can do to solve this. if you can send it tou your resseller!
  7. Blue Angel rom versions

    me too i have a Vodafone VPx buyed on ebay (166
  8. funtastic!!!! this wmp11 has the same shinning apperance like microsoft office 2007! see this: microsoft office 2007
  9. tank's a lot!!!!!!!!!!! :P ;) ;)
  10. Java Midlet Manager

    hi, it's because this jar/jad file game you have is not compatible! if you search in this forum, you will find a lot of topics talking about this!
  11. hi! can you give us more information aboute this rom? i have a pda like yours, i'm interested in doing this upgrade, but i need to know if you had have any problem upgrating your pda? tank's for the link!!!!! ;) :P ;)
  12. Hi! try to hard reset your device, but before doing this make backup off all your data in your smartphone!
  13. hi to all, i have one problem, when i'm in my gmail account trougth my PDA, i can't see any attachments, i can't download them! i can just see the name of the attachment. anyone got any idea?
  14. File sharing over WiFi

    Hi to all! With Resco Explorer, trough the function "Map network drive", i can access all drive in my network. I have a qtek 9090.
  15. hi, instal it on my PPC, but it don't run.......... anyone?