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    Motorola RAZR i review

    Great review and genuine thanks to unfitguy. Had my one x nicked and needed a cheap replacement. Got this for £215 brand new from cex. Nearly had to buy a lumia 800 eek...
  2. lukeyboymac

    Underwhelmed by it

    I suppose everyone's usage varies but my acid test today was going to football. I've been out the house 12 hours and have listened to a lot of music whilst sitting on a train. I took my portable battery just in case (good job). phone lasted less than 3hrs on screen time today. For my needs that's not enough and I HATE carrying a portable charger with me. Will be taking it back as I need more than that. Let's hope Samsung keep their promise with the all day battery. Really don't want the underspeced razr maxx but it might just hit the spot. How I'm going to miss the one x screen *sob*
  3. lukeyboymac

    Underwhelmed by it

    Yup, I'm with you Arthur. The battery life is amazing with the screen off. I can listen to music and it drains so slowly. The minute I turn the screen off the juice just goes. Lucky if I get 3 hours screen time. Makes me want to give up this amazing phone for a razr maxx or a nexus with the ugly extended battery. Useability is more important than how quick/nice it looks.
  4. lukeyboymac

    HTC Desire to officially launch on T-mobile 26th March

    Phoned up T-Mobile retentions today and the lass on the phone couldn't find any details on her system so will have to wait for prices I guess. Listed here http://www.cleverkit.com/ for a nice low price but I think it's wrong as legend is more expensive
  5. lukeyboymac

    No mention of the Nexus One on here...?

    Hopefully we won't be stiched up like we were over here with the droid. Just realised I must have the lowest post count ever for the period of time I've read here...
  6. lukeyboymac

    No mention of the Nexus One on here...?

    I think this will be my next phone. Jumping ship from winmo after owning lots of devices from the orignal SPV upwards. I like the google model of open software rather than being locked down like apple or totally underdeveloped like winmo. Will be interested to see the pricing of this one. There seems to be conflicting stories about it. I really do hope it's sold via the net only and then you choose a carrier. 18 month contracts are a nightmare and I couldn't comprehend a 24 month contract. Nexus one, PAYG, sold at slightly above cost so google get a massive place in the market would suit. And if it's by invetation only as some sites are suggesting, can someone please send me one :)
  7. Hi, wondering if anyone can help or point me in the right direction. Basically I have my PSP linked up to my PS3 so that I can use it remotely when I have a wifi signal. Trouble is, where I want to use this facility there isn't a wifi signal (but I get a nice H on my mobile!). What I therefore want to do is connect to the internet via 3G from the omnia and then share that connection wirelessly with the PSP (presumably making the omnia a wireless router(?). Does anyone know how I can do this or what somewhere I need, if it's possible? Cheers Luke
  8. lukeyboymac

    Screen light bleed

    Cheers guys, at least it's common I suppose :( Wonder what will happen if I go to my local T-Mobile shop and have a word with them?
  9. Hi guys, just wondered if anyone has encountered this - I've had this problem on my omnia for a while. The photo above shows it as best as I can get it. Basically there is light coming from the bottom half of the screen and leaking outwards. I have taken the pic on a blank white test screen. I'm sure I can live with it but concerned that it might get worse. Anyone have any ideas? It's been dropped a couple of times but I'm sure it came on after I used internet sharing for about 3 hours whilst using it as a modem for a laptop and it got very hot. Any thoughts appreciated. Cheers
  10. lukeyboymac

    headset profile 'bug' and ocs

    ok, I'm on everytime 200 so does that mean I am already on free orange care, at which point I can just claim a replacement phone in the next 24hrs?? If not, can I just start paying now for orange care even though the phone is damaged and orange know that? As I said, I really cant afford the hassles of being without it for ten days or so... :oops:
  11. Ok, phone stuck in headset profile. None bug as we all know. Have had it before and managed to cure with a good blow in the hole so to speak. Have been bounced around orange customer services - who finally sent off a report to their technical department. Finally come back to me telling me to contact HTC (although sounded like NEC to me??), who are to deal with the warrenty on the spv. They are going to ask me to send it off for repair which means I will lose the phone for least 4/5 working days, something I can ill afford to do. I know others have been sent replacement phones - this isnt a software bug, its a hardware failure. So what should I do... Do i have to lose the phone for 5 days for it to be repaired??? Help and advice welcome - cheers in advance