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  1. Nokia Lumia 800 and 710 Tango update

    Pointless. I was interested in 710 but only when I could use it for tethering - been waiting for update since end of april only to find it may not be available.Don't think I would look at a windows phone from a network of this is how they will distribute updates.
  2. Does size matter? Spending time with the Galaxy Note.

    Does the UK ICS also suffer from the potential wipe bug mrshark mentions - sounds like a real problem, although I believe so far no one on XDA has demonstrated the bug exists on a completely stock handset (i.e. not even rooted). EDIT: Likely to since it is XXLPY.........
  3. If anyone has this on Voda can you confirm whether it has internet sharing via wifi enabled?
  4. Ubuntu 10.04 LTS is out

    Hmmmm, I don't think anyone was 'bitchslapping' - there are legitimate issues with using Linux for MANY users and to not acknowledge these is ridiculous. If you are saying I should only buy hardware that is Linux compatible then surely that is the identical stance taken by Apple. Agreed the vendors are at fault but for those laptop users it is not possible to control the hardware included. I wouldn't say Linux is just speed and ease either but it does do some very cool things - over the weekend I was reinstalling a W7RC install which kept throwing BSOD's which I thought was due to a corrupt install, in fact it turned out a memory module was faulty but by running memmap at boot I am able to work round the knackered memory addresses without having to buy a new module, now that is VERY cool!
  5. Ubuntu 10.04 LTS is out

    Well, to some extent I agree. I quit using Ubuntu a few versions ago because I spent a week trying to get output to a second monitor to work in a 1440x900 resolution. A week of following every guide going and it STILL didn't work. Also, a subsequent dabble revealed that support of Broadcom wireless cards was dire in Ubuntu, again took a couple of days of command line action and it still didn't work properly. Installed Mandriva and it worked instantly. However, I have a variety of laptops around in various stages of decrepitude and I am going to try the latest version of Ubuntu on one of them. I also have an Acer Aspire One which I am going to try and put Netbook Edition on although if that fails (or rather if the missus can't cope outside of a Windows environment) then I will use Win7. You have to remember though that the only reason you don't have to think about them in Windows is you are so used to the environment. Give a non-computer user a Windows or Ubuntu system and I suspect they would have equal trouble with either. And at least Ubuntu is a safer playground for the computer illiterate.
  6. Ubuntu 10.04 LTS is out

    I have only ever used Ubuntu (well Mandriva as well) but does anyone have any preference for Kubuntu or Xubuntu and if so, why?
  7. Your sig file suggests you have this working now - is that true?????
  8. Hmmm, no servo search would be a big plus for me - never used it but frequently see it spooling away in the background eating battery or Force Closing on me! Don't use roadsync either.
  9. Sony HBH-DS200

    What type of charger does it take? I am looking for something that will charge from micro-usb so I don't have to carry any more chargers/wires when I travel.
  10. Start with the wiki? http://wiki.modaco.com/index.php/Huawei_U8220
  11. Broken USB port

    Hmmmm. I have swapped cables to a Nokia branded one and it is now working fine. Connection is as tight as a nats chuff now, whereas before it was wobbling about like an arm in a wizards sleeve.
  12. Broken USB port

    OK, I will contact them now. EDIT: Why. Is. Everything. So. Painful. 30 minutes on the phone to TMobile later and they directed me to contact HTC(!) directly. Spoke to Huawei (thanks for the number above) and they directed me back to TMobile. I would rather have my teeth pulled out than speak to CS again, so I am going to go to a store and get it sorted there.
  13. Broken USB port

    My USB port does not maintain a data connection, yet it is fine with charging. Bought it from TMob via the website - what is the best way to get this repaired do we think? Contacting TMob or Huawei?
  14. Will have a play when I am next time wasting at work.

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