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  1. GraviticVortex added a post in a topic Does importing a phone from China lead to customer service hell?   

    You guys in UK are lucky that you get phones ordered from China at all.
    Here, in our little corner of Europe customs instantly sends back most of them, mostly due lack or fake CE nad Rohs certificates.
    That includes popular phones like most Zopo models, JiaYu G3/G4 and Sege XYZ-X1 which is currently advertised right here.
    In fact i ordered the Sege after Paul got his, and it was sent back. As far as customer service goes, i contacted seller , they promised to reply in 2 days, but never did, so i sent couple more e-mails and finally placed claim with Paypal. After waiting for 6 weeks, i got my money back today. So i can consider myself lucky.
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  2. GraviticVortex added a post in a topic CLOSED: Upgrade to MoDaCo Ad Free (or extend your current membership) for 1 year for only $9, with extras!   

    Guys, its weekend. Im sure Paul is having some quality time with family.
    Just wait until monday...
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  3. GraviticVortex added a post in a topic ZTE Blade's are not being sold in Estonia anymore   

    Yea, sold out very fast.
    As for 240€ price, its clear that Elisa did not want to sell Blade off contract, thats why such ridiculous price.
    Price on contract 5€x24 months plus mandatory 5€ unlimited data plan, while more expensive than at Saunalahti was still quite reasonable.
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