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    i-Mate SPL, SPV c500 (modded)
  1. My modded SPV C500

    Uhm... it isn't painted..
  2. Do you got more news about this Paul ? Any idea when this update will be released ?
  3. Ehhh do we have to pay for this update ?
  4. application unlock solution

    I did the job with SDA Full Application Unlocker.
  5. Very good news that WM6 is coming to the SPL ! I recently bought the device, coudn't wait for WM6, so this is a really nice upgrade. Any idea when the update goes online Paul[b/] ?
  6. My modded SPV C500

    mm I prefere my mod :)
  7. Why is it based on the HTC Breeze, I tought it is already changed to HTC MTeoR... Correct me if i'm wrong :)...
  8. Is this phone much faster than a C500 ?
  9. Vistablack Category: Computer File Version: 1 File License: General License Description: Vistablack homescreen Made for WM5 running on C500 (non QVGA): Keep settings like this: View File Submitted by Kaspers, on Yesterday, 18:14
  10. Vistablack



    Made for WM5 running on C500 (non QVGA): Keep settings like this:


  11. Dode C500

    user888 Mag ik vragen waarom je bent teruggegaan naar wm2003 ? Ik heb nu wm5 erop, versie 4.0 van SPV-Developers gast, en alles werkt perfect. Enige nadeel is dat alles in het engels is, maar daar valt overheen te komen. Het wordt binnenkort mogelijk er een nederlandstalige language file erin te zetten, voor de rest ben ik meer dan dik tevreden..
  12. Where are you talking about ? Smartgear works here fine with nes roms.. Or do I have an old version or something..
  13. Huh :) Here it works fine on my c500 8).
  14. Is it possible to run a game full screen, so that the display is 90 degrees turned ?
  15. My 1000th Post!

    Is that a goal for you ? To post as much as you can ? Mm,, :-k