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  1. MSN Sign-in/out Sounds

    OK I found this Any help?
  2. MSN Sign-in/out Sounds

    SHould be under Settings/Sounds & notifications on the Notifications tab. From there you can control each applications sounds
  3. Mac VS PC

    Hee Hee - brilliant - thanks for those
  4. IP address, for Pocket PC Web server

    Have you seen this post about pocketHPH? I tried this and got the same problem in that although I could get my ip address I could not contact the server on my phone. Not sure what the problem is though.
  5. Well I wish that I could get Handsfree working between my m3100 and go 710! Everytime that I try to pair the two devices the m3100 just repeatedly asks me to enter the passcode and eventually the go710 times out. After several attempts of this it MIGHT decide that wireless data will work - but everytime it tries to connect the m3100 prompts for the passcode again. Really confusing this!
  6. Don't you just love the smell of fresh spam!
  7. pop3 account type missing

    Mine is worringly empty! But everything seems to work ok!!
  8. Teething problems with the SPV M3100

    I get this one sometimes! I would really love to know what causes it. Anyone any ideas please?
  9. Have you tried this yourself yet Paul? It installs and apparently starts up on my M3100 - but connecting to just times out. Not much additional info on the website really - any ideas? I thought of a few things you might use it for - but they rather rely on being able to access the M3100 from another network. Needs something like Dynamic IP or something I think.
  10. Well for starters, I am willing to place a small bet that they manage to come up with a way of charging for its use! Perhaps on a per message basis with bundles!! Oooh - sounds like SMS or something!
  11. Profimail from Lonely Cat Games (see here) does pretty well Great client all round really!
  12. CamerAware Sig Causing Delays

    Ah - good - I thought this might be the problem but I wasn't sure.
  13. New leather case

    Hmmm - no sign of it being loose? Do you think from looking at it that it might get loose with time? Thanks for your time.
  14. Teething problems with the SPV M3100

    Either press and hold the red disconnect key, or go into comms manager and click the disconnect (third row on the left) button
  15. Sniper Bluetooth prog

    So - you would be quite happy if anyone could just put files/messages or anything else they like on your phone without you knowing would you. No - thought not!

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