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  1. V956 rom port - is it possible

    I have a broken zte blade v, that I managed to snap a pin to the sim card through my own stupidity. Before I binned the phone, I have been having a little play and used clockwork to install a V956 MIUI rom off a Chinese language sight - google translate was surprisingly good. It boots up and appears to work. Except when I left and returned 10 mins later, I couldn't get the screen to re-light. Got me wondering if there is any use exploring this route for a custom rom?
  2. Paul Reviews... the Virgin Mobile Lobster 700TV

    Mine arrived today, as a replacement for my Orange C550, as I am now on the Virgin/NTL Price plan. I haven't yet had chance to go too far with it to really get to try the tv. But i found the signal for the tv radio not too bad at home, which I was surprised with, because the area I live in is usually pants for all signals (mobile, tv, radio and just about anything else). You are soooo right about the 369 keys being abit strange when texting *screams of frustatration* But for the price, i still found it one of the cheapest options available. For those of you that qaulify :( http://www.hotukdeals.com/deal/7730/lobste...gin-mobile-payg this makes the phone
  3. c550 virgin setup mms

    finally worked out where i was going wrong virgin doesnt seem to like wap 2.0 for MMS changed it to 1.2 with the above setting and it worked 3 Months it took to work out - Off for a celebratory beer
  4. I've used the following link http://www.modaco.com/SPV_C550_on_Virgin-t232011.html to setup but when i try Start Messaging Media Messages Menu Options Account Setup Media Messages Server: Virgin MMS Send/receive: Automatically Outgoing message size: Less than 100kb Allowed messages: Personal i dont get media messages as an option i only get imap4 and pop3 what have i done wrong? Ta in advance

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